Sofie Dossi Earns Golden Buzzer With Contortionist Act

November 2nd, 2018

America’s Got Talent has shed light on some of the greatest and most unlikely stars. Many have gone on to have successful careers of their own. One magician, Shin Lim, went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and completely blew everyone away with his crazy talent and dexterity.

This contestant’s act isn’t magic in the literal sense, but it surely is magical to watch!

Sofie Dossi is only 14 years old for this performance. She’s completely self-taught, and her talent is a combination of God-given talent and sheer dedication and persistence. Her goal in life is to perform in front of millions of people, and on the AGT stage, she gets to do just that.

Now, all she’s got to do is impress the judges.

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What Sofie does is not your traditional talent. She’s not a singer, she’s not a dancer. She does, however, use her body in the most mind-boggling and amazing ways. In a way, she’s a bit of a gymnast, although she doesn’t study with a coach or a team, and her ability isn’t something that can be judged at the Olympics. It’s safe to say that she is definitely an athlete, though!

Sofie is a contortionist. No one in her family does what she does – she simply discovered on her own that she had this capability, and she’s capitalizing on it.

With the judges ready to be wowed, Sofie takes to the stage in a glittering gold leotard. It’s an appropriate outfit for this performance, but you’ll see why at the end!

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She climbs up onto a contraption made especially for her by her very own father and balances herself onto a ring using just her neck. She soars up into the air with no safety net or precautions of any kind. One false move and she could be terribly injured. Everyone in the crowd is on the edge of their seats.

What she does is truly beautiful, both aesthetically and because it seems so impossible! The things she is able to do with her body almost make your back hurt just by looking at it, but rest assured that she’s simply built a lot more bendy than the rest of us, and she’s not hurting herself in any way!

But the really crazy part comes when a stagehand brings out a bow and arrow and a ball of fire, and she doesn’t put it in her hands.

She holds the weapon with her feet!

The crowd and the judges go absolutely wild with the grand finale of this performance.

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When it’s time to hear from the judges, the feedback is nothing but positive. But when guest judge Reba McEntire takes her turn to give feedback, she’s speechless.

“Actions speak louder than words,”

She simply says. Then, she reaches out and – you guessed it! She hits the golden buzzer and Sofie Dossi gets rained on by golden confetti.

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The look on her face says it all. This is the best thing that could have happened on this night, and she’s just beaming with pride and joy. All of that hard work really paid off for this young star!

What do you think of this performance? Do you think that it deserved the coveted golden buzzer? Or do you think that she should have done more?

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[Source: America’s Got Talent 2016]