Aerial Dance Group Zurcaroh Recreates Adam And Eve

August 31st, 2018

Some very big performances happened on America’s Got Talent this week.

Zurcaroh returned to AGT for the first time since they auditioned for the show. We saw the aerial group perform all the way back in the very first episode of season 13.

They impressed the judges so much, but it was host Tyra Banks that was truly won over by the group. She rushed out on stage during their audition to slam her Golden Buzzer.

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Because they were lucky enough to nab a Golden Buzzer, Zurcaroh got to skip all the way to the Live shows.

For their second performance on AGT, the group came back and gave it everything that they had. They put together an incredible dance routine that told a story.

They chose to try and recreate the story of Adam and Eve in Heaven for their performance and they totally blew everyone away.

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After the incredible performance was over, Tyra proudly got on stage to congratulate her Golden Buzzer group. Mel B even told her “well done” for choosing Zurcaroh.

Mel B praised them as an “amazing choice” and hen asked how old some of the younger members of Zurcaroh were. The young girls of the group are 8, 10, and 11. Can you believe they are so talented at such a young age?

She continued by adding:

“Can I just say… it was breathtaking I loved the music. I loved the outfits.”

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Heidi Klum had some very big praise to hand out. The judge said:

“If there was ever an act ready for Las Vegas, it is you guys. I mean, you were perfect. From the costumes to the makeup, the masks, the dancing, the whole thing. The little girls, I mean all the kids. My goosebumps won’t go down, they are still up.”

Simon Cowell pulled a trick on the group and told them that he didn’t like what they did – he loved it. He then went on to say it was one of the best live performances he’s ever seen in all his time as a judge.

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Howie Mandel was quick to jump in and add his two cents:

“I agree. They just took dance to a whole other level. You know how they say less is more? You just proved them wrong! More is more! You had acrobatics, you had dancing, you had danger, and you had a make Victoria’s Secret model. That is amazing!”

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The Victoria’s Secret joke is a great little dig (in a fun way) at both Tyra and Heidi, who have walked the VS catwalk many times.

What did you think of their performance?

You can watch Zurcaroh’s aerial dance in the video below:

If you haven’t been keeping up with AGT so far this season, you have to see Zurcaroh’s audition.

The aerial group earned the very first Golden Buzzer of season 13 after Tyra Banks watched their performance.

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In fact, the dance was so incredible, it became the most-watched audition in the history of America’s Got Talent! Can you believe that?

You can watch Zurcaroh audition for America’s Got Talent in the video below:

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Source: America’s Got Talent/NBC