Father Of 6 Makes Simon Cowell Cry On Live TV

August 31st, 2018

Michael Ketterer made his return to America’s Got Talent and it was well worth the wait!

If you might recall, Michael was on the show very early in the season and earned the 2nd Golden Buzzer of season 13 of AGT.

Michael is a pediatric mental health professional and a father of six, many of his children were adopted from the foster care. Why wouldn’t America love him based on just that?

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On top of being a stand-up guy, Michael also has a powerful set of pipes. He blew the judges away during his audition, so much so, Simon Cowell sent him right to Hollywood!

After getting the Golden Buzzer, Michael got to skip the Judges Cut round, where acts were eliminated based on the judges’ decisions and he went straight to the Live shows.

Before he even got a chance to perform for a second time on AGT, Simon had to sing his praise. Simon could not say enough nice things about Michael!

“He is amazing, he is just a great human being and a great singer. I am thrilled. I am so excited right now. I really, really am!”

For his second performance on the AGT stage, Michael decided to sing “Us” by James Bay. The song is extremely emotional and it seems that Michael’s voice made it even more so.

By the time Michael finished singing, the entire audience and all four judges were on their feet and cheering for him.

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Host Tyra Banks went to Simon first for commentary and the judge tried to pass, as he was overwhelmed with emotions. But good ol’ Tyra would not let them skip him! She insisted Simon say what he was feeling.

“Oh gosh, I feel like, Michael, look oh gosh. As a dad, I kind of get why – I can’t imagine what you’ve done and the fact that you’re on this show. And you really need this and you’re a really, really special guy. I don’t know, there’s something about you!”

Tyra then praised Simon for being willing to show his soft side to those watching at home and from the audience, since Simon is typically a tough guy. Being a dad has really brought out Simon’s softer side!

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Mel B was trying to doodle on her notes so she wouldn’t cry!

“You just, you’re just an incredible person, an incredible human being. To do what you’ve done, taking on board and adopting all of these kids and giving them life. And then your voice sings such truth and honesty. I cried at the first word you said.”

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Heidi Klum’s commentary was simple but so true. She said:

“We need more men like you.”

You can watch Michael Ketterer’s second performance on America’s Got Talent in the video below:

Now, if you haven’t really been keeping up with America’s Got Talent this season, you might have missed Michael’s audition.

He earned Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer, which is pretty highly coveted, seeing as the judge can be a very tough critic. But Simon absolutely loved him!

He belted out a very powerful rendition of Nina Simone’s “To Love Somebody” and brought the whole house down. His audition has over 11 million views on YouTube!

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You can watch Michael Ketterer’s audition in the video below:

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