Contestant Steps Onstage – His Song Choice And Perfect Vocals Move Simon To Tears

October 9th, 2018


“X Factor” has had some incredible singers, but the most memorable are the ones that tug at our heartstrings and cause us to get emotional. There are the top six emotional auditions on X Factor. Don’t be surprised if they aren’t your new favorites.

Lucy Spraggan

Lucy Spraggan had a few emotional performances. On her first audition, she did well, but her second one was no so good. The judges even told her it was awkward at times. Her music really allowed her to put herself out there, and she was a little embarrassed when things didn’t work out.

For her third audition, she knew it was going to be a make or break moment, and she was very nervous and emotional. She performed her own song called “Last Night,” and it brought the audience and the judges to their feet to applaud her. She cried and was overwhelmed with joy when she found out she was going to make it to the next round.

Christian Burrows

Christian Burrows brought the audience and the judges to tears with his emotional auditions. For his performance, he sang a song about his brother’s death. It was clear that it was hard for Christian to get through the song without crying, but when it was over, he broke down. The judges loved it, and they gave him four yesses to send him on to the next round. His family members surrounded him with hugs when they learned that he had made it to the next round, making it even more emotional and meaningful.

Caitlyn Vanbeck

Caitlyn Vanbeck performed Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece By Piece” for her audition, and then gave an emotional explanation of how she had been bullied over her singing. She said;

“I started getting negative comments from people at school and it got to the point where I didn’t want to keep singing. I’d go home crying most days. It really gets to you – I don’t know why you listen to all that. My dad was just like, ‘Stop this, you are good enough’, and it boosted my confidence a bit.”

Caitlyn even dedicated the performance to her dad. Judge Nicole Scherzinger was so moved by her performance and story that she stood up to give her a hug and cried while she did so.

Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney chose a special song for his audition. It was “The Rose” by Bette Midler, and he chose it because it was the song they played at his grandfather’s funeral. Before he started singing he said:

“The song that I’m singing was played at my grandad’s funeral and that meant a lot to me. It was a celebration of his life and this means a lot to me, so that’s why I feel like I want to sing it today for you.”

When he finished there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and the judges and audience members loved the performance.

Monica Michael

Monica Michael performed a song she had written for her 16-year-old sister. She explained:

“She witnessed me going off the rails and that obviously affected her. And if she did do the things I did or the rebellious things that I went through, it would break my heart. So, I just want to let her know that I’m there for her. If I were to get four yeses from the judges today, it would definitely inspire her to achieve, you know, what she wants to achieve in her life and also make my family proud of the fact that I changed my life around and went for my dreams.”

Not far into the performance, though, Simon cut the music. Monica was clearly upset and worried that they stopped her because she wasn’t good enough. But when the judges explained that they liked the performance and wanted to see her do better, she was overjoyed. She received four yesses while her sister watched on proudly.

Josh Daniels

Josh Daniels performed the song “Jealous” by Labyrinth for his audition, and it was one of the most emotional moments on the show. Simon Cowell was visibly moved by the performance and was in tears. He later explained in an interview that it made him think of his mother, who has recently passed away. Cowell said:

“It was quite near when it all happened, and I think it was the last audition and I wasn’t really expecting what happened and of course the lyric of the song and it was quite difficult because I thought, ‘God this is going to be really hard to sit through this.’ But then you’ve got to think of [Josh] and it’s his moment but yes it was very emotional.”

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Source: The X Factor UK