Toddler Sings National Anthem At Baseball Game

October 9th, 2018

It’s always great to teach kids about patriotism. One little boy recently wowed fans at a minor league baseball game when he sang the National Anthem. It’s not uncommon for kids to sing the National Anthem at ballgames, but this little boy is just 3 years old.

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Not very many 3-year-olds can memorize the lyrics to a song and have the guts to sing it in front of a large crowd at a baseball game.

This little boy loves to sing, and he loves the audience. In fact, he’s not even nervous when he is holding on that microphone and belting out those familiar lyrics.

3-year-old boy sings national anthem at baseball game

ADORABLE ANTHEM: 3-year-old boy sings national anthem at minor league baseball game — and he hits it out of the park

Posted by CBS News on Friday, July 13, 2018

Even more unbelievable, the toddler hadn’t been practicing and wasn’t prepared for the performance. He was asked to sing at the last minute. He didn’t even hesitate and immediately accept the challenge. While Drake was wrapping up his adorable version of the National Anthem at a local ballgame, another young girl was getting ready to sing at an Astros game in Houston.

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Xcarlee Ramon is only 7 and loves to sing.

When she was invited to sing the National Anthem at an Astros baseball game, she was thrilled. She knew it was going to be a big deal, and she practiced as much as she could.

She managed to nail it, and her family and friends were thrilled to be able to watch their little girl perform in front of such a large crowd. Xcarlee’s mother, Winderlee Nerios, explained how important the performance was for her daughter. She said:

“She loves singing the National Anthem. But she loves singing in general. She’s been trying to learn ‘La Bamba’ now.”

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No matter what song this little cutie decides to sing, it’s safe to say she will do it well.

She may start out singing at ballgames, but with her passion for music and adorable voice, she may be on much bigger stages someday.

While most people welcome young performers at ballgames, another little girl didn’t get the same warm welcome at a different Astros game. She was cheering at a game when another woman in the crowd asked her to stop being so loud.

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She was mortified.

The Astros players found out about the issue and invited 8-year-old Chloe Beaver back to cheer on the team during a recent workout. They had the entire family come to watch them and even invited them out on the field for some photos.

It made the family’s day and was a great way to cheer up the young girl. Her bad experience at the game a few months ago was quickly forgotten, and she was back to cheering loudly again.

One of the Astros players, Lance McCullers, posted some photos of him with the family. He also told the little girl that she should never stop cheering and that he was excited to have her cheer for the team at the workout.

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While all of these kids may have had different experiences at these baseball games, it’s clear that they are all passionate about the sport.

They love to watch their favorite players, and when they get to be a part of the show, it’s even more special for them.

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Baseball has a way of bringing people together.

These kids are doing that, as well. They clearly love to be in the spotlight and have amazing talents. If they continue to sing and improve, they may all have future careers as entertainers.

The next time you are at a baseball game, pay attention to who is singing. You may be watching an up-and-coming young singer. Stars come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them are even pint-sized.

The sweet video is below.

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