Molly Rainford Has An Amazing Run On Britain's Got Talent

October 9th, 2018

Molly Rainford was only 11 years old when she auditioned for “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2012. The judges didn’t know what to expect from the tiny girl with a quiet voice. She talked about her family and how she likes to go to church on Sundays with her grandmother. The judges felt she was adorable, but they had their doubts about how well she would perform on stage.

They were about to be surprised.

She introduced herself by saying:

“My name is Molly, and I’m 11.”

She started out by singing Jennifer Hudson’s “One Night Only.”

It’s a mature song and a difficult one to sing, but she handled it beautifully. The power of her young voice was unbelievable, and she hit every note perfectly. She sang with passion, and it blew the judges away. When she was finished, the audience didn’t seem to want to stop clapping, and the judges gave her four yesses to send her on to the next round. Simon Cowell even said:

“I’ve got to tell you, Molly, I like you, because you’ve got soul,” he said. “I really do believe that.”

But how would she stack up against the other contestants?

She wasn’t a bit scared, and in the semifinals, she chose to sing “It Must Have Been Love.” The judges couldn’t help but smile as her beautiful voice echoed through the auditorium. She had managed to nail it, too, and they agreed to send her on to the finals.

Alesha Dixon said:

“You are 11 years old, and you sing with such maturity and control. You’ve just blown me away.”

When it came time for the finals, Molly pulled out all the stops and went with “Ave Maria.”

She looked young standing on the big stage in her sparkling blue dress, but when she opened her mouth and started singing, she sounded like she had years of experience. The judges gave her a standing ovation, and the audience cheered her on. She ended up getting sixth place.

Carmen Electra told her:

“You have an amazing voice and an amazing presence.”

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Molly Rainford Source: Molly Rainford

After finishing the season, she went on to sign a record deal with Sony.

She had aimed to release an album, but one has not yet been released. Sony is currently funding her training at Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. Numerous other celebrities have trained at the famous school, including Rita Ora and Billie Piper.

When she isn’t busy studying, she can be found presenting the CBBC show “The Friday Download.” She also has a strong social media presence where she shares her life and her music with her fans. She releases songs online occasionally and plans to continue to pursue her music career once she finishes school.

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Kiran Gidda Source: Kiran Gidda

Before Molly appeared on the show, she expressed an interest in music to her parents, who signed her up for voice lessons with professional singer Danielle Barnett.

She was just 8 years old when she started. In just two short years, she was ready to perform on the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Many people thought that Molly would take home the win and were upset when she only placed sixth. Still, that’s a pretty big accomplishment for such a young girl, especially considering she was against a lot of adults.

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Emma Viola Lilja Source: Emma Viola Lilja

Molly still has plenty of time to spend on her studying and perfecting her voice.

If she can get on stage and sing like that at age 11, imagine how could she will be when she is 20. Being brave enough to perform in front of all those people is hard enough. Her amazing voice and her confidence will take her far in life. She seems to have a very supportive family and already has a record deal. What more could a teenage girl want? There’s a lot more to come from this young girl.

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Source: Britain’s Got Talent