Sophie Fatu Belts Out “My Way” On America’s Got Talent

June 12th, 2018

People of all ages audition for America’s Got Talent. Young or old, people show up to show off the skills.

Unlike American Idol and other competition shows, there isn’t an age limit on America’s Got Talent.

If someone is talented enough, they can head to the auditions and try their best. It doesn’t matter if they are 5 or 85, they have a shot at competing.

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That is how 5-year-old Sophie Fatu wound up on the America’s Got Talent stage.

The judges were instantly smitten with Sophie as soon as she walked out. Heidi Klum began to grill the little girl, asking if she had to take an airplane for her audition.

Sophie admitted that she did and it was her first time ever taking an airplane. Sophie was also so amazed by how many people were in the audience for her audition.

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Even though Heidi was the judge to interact with her, Sophie was quick to tell everyone that her favorite judge on America’s Got Talent is “Mr. Simon.”

She even tried to be super cute with Simon and told him that she had a dream about him. In her dream, she saw him push his Golden Buzzer.

Sadly for Sophie, Simon already used his buzzer moment this season. He obviously didn’t burst this five-year-old’s bubble and tell her that though during her audition.

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Right after that, Sophie launched into her adorable rendition of “My Way” by the late great Frank Sinatra.

Now, if you’re looking for a super cute, yet childish version of this song, this is absolutely perfect. It is exactly what you’d expect.

Sophie is too cute and sounds just like she could be anyone’s daughter. She had the best energy while she was singing and managed to give it her own flair.

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Simon Cowell, Sophie’s favorite judge, got to give his commentary first. He said:

“Well, we weren’t expecting that, Sophie. You know what, I love that song. Normally people about 90 sing that song about what their life’s been like and you sing it at five. You are hilarious. I want you to date my son!”

Apparently, Simon’s son, Eric, has recently split up with his girlfriend, so Simon wants to introduce the two of them. Take the chance while you’ve got it, Sophie!

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Mel B praised Sophie by saying:

“You are just so cute! You sang like an angel. Well done you!”

Howie Mandel also had high praise to hand out to Sophie for her performance. He said:

“Wow, you did it your way, didn’t you? That was amazing. You are the most adorable, cutest, talented little thing I’ve seen on that stage.”

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Finally, Heidi Klum wanted to tell Sophie how proud she was of her audition. She said:

“Sophie, I think you should be very proud of yourself. We see so many people here, a lot of grown-ups, and they are shaking they are so nervous. And you just did it like that!”

The judges all were so taken by how cute Sophie is, all four of them gave her a “yes” vote to push her into the next round!

America’s Got Talent airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 8 PM, followed by World of Dance.

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Source: YouTube/America’s Got Talent