The #TheParentJam Has Parents Dance With Their Kids

April 11th, 2019

Probably the best thing about YouTube is that you can easily find yourself falling down a wormhole of one specific type of video.

There are some things that are so entertaining or inspiring to watch that we can’t watch just one. Whether it’s how-to recipe videos, conspiracy theory videos or unboxing clips, too much of a good thing can definitely get addictive. Still, there are few types of videos that are instantly compelling as a good choreography video is.

Fortunately, we have a great one to share with you today.

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One video that’s particularly making the rounds right now is a choreography video by Phil Wright.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Wright is a choreographer at the International Dance Academy in Hollywood, California. Though he teaches many different dance classes, he works quite a bit with children and teens of various ages, teaching hip-hop oriented moves. Still, a lot of dance studios forget about all the sacrifices that parents have to make to put their kids through dance classes. After giving it some thought, Wright came up with a great idea to work parents into the mix.

To give a salute to the parents, Wright decided to come up with #TheParentJam.

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With #TheParentJam, Wright gives parents the chance to take part in their children’s choreography right along with them!

To get an idea of what we’re talking about here, consider this choreography video set to Chris Brown’s 2007 smash hit “Wall to Wall.” As the video begins, a mother and her daughter step out to do the choreography. After a few moments, we see that this is a particularly strong start. Although her daughter might be a little more animated, both of them absolutely nail the choreography!

Still, the best stuff in the video is yet to come.

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In the next clip, a boy and a girl step out with someone we have to assume is their grandfather.

Unlike the last duo, who were dressed in normal dance outfits, the two siblings come out dressed up as old men—complete with walking canes! Still, their grandpa still seems to know that it’s all in good fun. As the song begins, they set into their own version of the choreography, hitting the moves much differently than the first pair did. In the middle of them, their grandpa gives it his best effort to follow along with everything and the crowd supports them wholeheartedly.

At the end of it all, the choreographer comes out and spins the wheel on grandpa’s hat!

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The video continues with a mom stepping out with her daughters of all different ages.

Once again, they give the dance their own unique energy—and they even add in some steps of their own. After that, a mom and her son give their take… and we have to say, this mom absolutely kills it! If this woman isn’t a professional dancer in her own right, we would be shocked. The video continues with more and more inspiring performances.

If you don’t feel like you want to dance after this video, we don’t know what to tell you—and if this one didn’t do it, there’s still more to choose from!

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Because #TheParentJam is essentially its own viral trend, there are plenty of other examples of these videos.

One of our favorites is the choreography to “Baby Shark,” a viral song that you definitely haven’t escaped if you have any little kids in your family. Just like the last clip, the parents step out with their kids, one of them circling the other pretending to be a shark as the song starts. When the beat drops, everyone busts out their best moves—and just like the other video, these parents do a great job of keeping up with their kids!

Just don’t ask us to choose a favorite because they’re all so good!

Last but not least, Wright throws the parents a bone by picking an older song that the parents are more familiar with.

In the third video, Wright has people choreograph a dance to “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind and Fire. Once again, the song begins and all the families are already grooving to the music before the choreography begins. Though everyone follows the same steps, this one seems to have even more variance and personality among each of the performances! If we had to pick a video where everyone is having the most fun, this one would have to be it.

You go, parents!

Though it goes without saying, these parents definitely had a good time getting in on the action with their kids.

Videos like this one, powered by Wright’s creative choreography, show us just how fun letting loose and dancing can really be. If this isn’t a perfect advertisement for his dance classes, we have no idea what is. If you’ve watched all of these clips, which one is your favorite? For more of this awesome dancing, follow Wright on Instagram or YouTube—just be warned that you’ll be watching hours of dance videos!

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Congratulations to Wright and all the parents who participated! Check out the video below:

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