BYU Cougarettes’ Winning Jazz Dance At The 2019 NDA College Nationals

April 11th, 2019

Dancers have to work incredibly hard practicing their craft.

Solo dancers have to train to learn their routine to perform on their own. For dance troupes, there is training a certain level of precision and skill.

When a dance team puts on a performance together, if just one dancer is off on their timing, it can ruin an entire routine. Things need to be done exactly as the timing plans for and not a second sooner.

The dancers of the BYU Cougarettes from Brigham Young University just proved how much skill goes into a winning performance.

While competing at the 2019 NDA Collegiate Cheer & Dance Championship, the team won two Division IA national titles in hip hop and jazz. Their score for the jazz category was the highest there has ever been for that category in the competition’s history.

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BYU Cougarettes Source: BYU Cougarettes

The ranking at the 2019 NDA Collegiate Cheer & Dance Championship was scored as such:

  • BYU (99.00)
  • Texas Tech (97.60)
  • South Carolina-Columbia (95.37)
  • Iowa State (95.14)
  • Ohio State (94.94)

The now-viral jazz routine was done to the song “Praying” and was choreographed by Karl Mundt and Kenzie Symanietz. Since 1997, the Cougarettes have won 19 national championships.

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BYU Cougarettes Source: BYU Cougarettes

The video was shared on the Facebook page Innovative Dance. Since it was first posted, the video has gotten over 1.2 million views, over 2,000 comments, and over 12,000 shares.

The video was posted with this caption:

Watching this live took my breath away. These dancers are such beautiful artists and incredible athletes. Congrats to the BYU Cougarettes for winning the 2019 NDA College Nationals 1A Jazz title with the highest score of the entire competition!

Jodi May Maxfield & Jamyn Miller it was such a magical week and I’m honored to have been there alongside you both

People have praised the dancers from BYU for their teamwork and ability. Many people have said that this routine was done with incredible precision and some have even said the dance gave them goosebumps.

Of the thousands of positive comments on the Facebook video, one user wrote:

I have been a “dance mom” for more than 10 years. Been to so many competitions. Have seen wonderful dancers. I have Never seen a performance this flawless and captivating. This team is amazing. My daughter as a freshman in HS is on the Varsity Dance Team. Many seniors have moved on to college dance teams. This is why. Precision and passion at its best.

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BYU Cougarettes Source: BYU Cougarettes

What do you think of this dance? It is no wonder they won! They performed beautifully and with so much grace.

You can watch the BYU Cougarettes’ winning jazz dance in the video below:

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Source: BYU Cougarettes