Singer Brings Down The House With Original Song On America’s Got Talent

August 21st, 2018

Can you believe it is already the Quarterfinals stage of America’s Got Talent?

It feels like just yesterday that the show premiered for season 13 and we got to watch each judge slam their Golden Buzzer.

Now, we’re past Golden Buzzers, past auditions, past Judges Cut rounds, and onto the Quarterfinals. It is up to America to vote for their favorite acts!

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One act that became a quick fan favorite after their audition was Noah Guthrie. He was a former actor on Glee who is looking for a chance to have his next big break.

For his third performance on the show, Noah returned to the America’s Got Talent stage ready to perform an original tune.

For his Quarterfinals performance, Noah brought the house down with his song, “Show Me Some Mercy.” The title of the song was basically a cry for America to keep him in the game!

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When he was finished crooning, the judges got a chance to tell Noah what they thought of his performance. Heidi Klum was very excited to go first and tell Noah what she thought.

Heidi said:

“Noah, Noah, Noah, I think you’re a double threat. Because you have original music and you have an original sounding voice. Actually, I think you’re a triple because you look very handsome tonight.”

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Meanwhile, Simon Cowell was impressed that Noah wrote his own song. Simon said:

“Well then, I am really, really proud of you. Because it is so easy to come out here and just do a safe cover sometimes. But you put everything on the line. There’s something about you, I think your voice is really great, I love your personality. You’re like the comeback kid, you had that opportunity, and now you come back on this show and you’re gaining more fans. I really think people are going to root for you.”

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While Heidi and Simon loved Noah’s song choice and thought that he did a great job, not everyone liked it. Howie Mandel was not a fan of the original song.

He said that people’s taste is subjective, so while Heidi and Simon thought it was a good original song, he did not. He didn’t praise the song choice, but he did still think that Noah has a great voice. Howie said:

“I know who votes, I know what they go for. I don’t think that is going to resonate with our audience.”

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Mel B also agreed with Howie about the song choice. She loved Noah’s voice but took issue with some of the verses in the song.

“I didn’t quite understand what you were singing about. But I love your voice and I love you, so I hope people vote for you. Wasn’t my favorite, but I like you a lot.”

The entire time that Mel and Howie were critiquing Noah’s performance, Heidi kept saying “no” and kept saying over and over again that she thought Noah’s song was great.

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You can watch Noah Guthrie’s live Quarterfinals performance in the video below:

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If you haven’t been totally up to date on America’s Got Talent this season, you can quickly catch up on Noah’s previous performances!

When he first auditioned for the show, Noah talked about what it was like to have been previously on Glee and what life was like after the fame went away.

He auditioned with Rihanna’s hit song “Love on the Brain” and totally wowed all of the judges.

You can see Noah Guthrie’s audition in the video below:

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