Willie Nelson's son Lukas sings his beloved classic and leaves viewers breathless
He sounds just like his dad!
Eduardo Gaskell

Willie Nelson is one of the most recognizable and legendary country singers thanks to his work. Nelson’s also starred in films, co-authored several books, and is an activist for causes dear to his heart.

The country legend is now 88 so it’s really good news that his son Lukas is following his dad’s path.

Willie Nelson was born during the Great Depression. At the young age of seven, he wrote his first song. He joined his first band when he was ten years old then spent his high school years touring and playing music.

Nelson popularized the “outlaw country” sub-genre in the sixties, catching the nation’s attention with the new sound which was a reaction to the conservative sound of Nashville back then.

He boasts of a lengthy career with multiple awards and recognitions to date. And at his age, Willie still records music while involving himself in charitable and political causes.


During a late night jam session, Lukas Nelson proves that his father’s blood runs strong in him as he surprised the audience with his very cool rendition of his father’s classic hit, “Always On My Mind”.


“Always On My Mind” is a song that speaks of heartbreak and nostalgia. One that former partners filled with regrets can relate to. Many singers have put their own spin on this classic but it was first recorded by Billie Joe “B.J.” Thomas in 1969.

Artists such as Elvis Presley, Gwen McCrae, Brenda Lee, John Wesley Ryles, and Michael Buble.

In 1982, Willie Nelson recorded his own rendition which won the Grammy Award for best country vocal performance.

Nelson’s album of the same name topped both the country and pop charts as well.

Lukas Nelson should think about recording his own version with an arrangement of his own. This raw, soulful take is such a treat to listen to. That warm, melancholic feeling associated with the song is very much alive here.


The song has become a timeless hit, often resonating with those lonely and heartbroken. It’s a feeling everyone knows all too well with the hope of never feeling again.

Lukas wrote his first song at eleven. He’s always wanted to be a musician since he’s always traveled with his father since he was a young boy. Willie’s talent rubbed off on him that’s for sure.

He learned to play the guitar, practicing and playing for up to ten hours a day.

Lukas is passionate about his career and surely wants his father’s legacy to live on. He knew it was his calling at an early age.

Check out his band, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, where Lukas himself is the lead vocalist and guitarist. They have been Neil Young’s touring and studio band since 2015.

He’s certainly a talented singer, and you can hear his father’s style behind that voice. We’re looking forward to another version. Hopefully a recorded one!

Check out Lukas Nelson’s live performance of “Always on my Mind” below!

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By Eduardo Gaskell
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