Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter & Willie Nelson’s son come together to sing ‘Lay me down’ in her honor
The two artists came together to sing a gorgeous rendition of their family members beloved duet together.
Rose Ann Dabu

You’ve probably heard the beautiful song “Lay Me Down.” It’s a song that moves hearts because of its heartfelt lyrics about life, finding peace, and mortality.

The singers of the song — Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson made it even more heartfelt because of their powerful vocals.

This song became more impactful when Lorretta passed away on October 4 at the age of 90.

It feels like the song’s lyrics are her final message to everyone even though it was released back in 2016.

“When they lay me down someday
My soul will rise and fly away
This whole world will turn around
I’ll be at peace when they lay me down.”

It’s comforting to think that Loretta left this beautiful song that even future generations can listen to.

It’s a gem that will always remind everyone of her, especially her loved ones.

It’s just that it’s sad to think that we won’t ever hear it live from her again.

But this particular performance will make you feel Loretta’s presence.

YouTube - CMT
YouTube - CMT

It’s her granddaughter, Emmy Russell, alongside Willie’s son, Lukas Nelson, singing her song passionately.

They performed this to pay tribute to the late country music singer and songwriter during CMT’s Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Celebration of the Life and Music of Loretta Lynn.

And as expected, their rendition touched many hearts.

The video of their performance has been making rounds on YouTube.

YouTube - CMT
YouTube - CMT

Lukas was the one playing the guitar and his voice is definitely as remarkable as his dad’s.

Emmy, on the other hand, showcased her angelic voice and sang every part of the song wholeheartedly.

YouTube - CMT
YouTube - CMT

While the two of them are singing, Loretta’s photos are flashing on the screens behind them, which made their performance even more emotional.

The public was absolutely impressed by their performance.

YouTube - CMT
YouTube - CMT

Not only it wowed the online users because of their voices but it also made them happy for Loretta and Willie.

No wonder why the video has already garnered more than 400,000 views on the aforementioned video-sharing platform.

It also elicited favorable feedback from online users.

The comments section shows that everyone was raving about the two.

One commenter said that Lukas and Emmy’s duet made him emotional.

“Beautiful and brings tears to my eyes at the same time. They sound wonderful together, would love to hear more from both of them!”

In addition, a YouTube user compared Lukas to his famous dad.

“Wow, Lukas sounds exactly like Willie! She has a delicate, soft tone to her voice. They did a beautiful job with this song.”

“When they lay me down someday. My soul will rise and fly away
This whole world will turn around.”

Pexels - RODNAE Productions
Pexels - RODNAE Productions

This powerful line from the song “Lay Me Down” will remind you of your departed loved ones. And knowing that they are already at peace is comforting.

However, please never stop remembering them. You can always honor them, even in the smallest of ways. Even though they aren’t physically present, they will always remain in your heart.

Watch Emmy Russell and Lukas Nelson’s heartwarming duet performance below!

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