15-Year-Old Grabs Mic For National Anthem - His Perfect Vocals Have Gone Viral

December 14th, 2017

High school is often a time when kids and adolescents find themselves.

Although the social landscape has shifted over the years, some of the more lasting stereotypes or divisions between different high school social groups remain the same. We might still think of different groups of kids as jocks while others are drama kids. Despite the fact that these divisions are ultimately false, some of them have some sticking power and need to be proven wrong every so often.

One video out of Bolton, Massachusetts has done a great example of doing just that.

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The clip shows the moments before a football game at Nashoba Regional High School begins.

The players get into a huddle and exchange some words before the announcer tells the crowd to rise for the national anthem. One of the players walks over to the microphone and takes his helmet off. After that, the announcer begins:

And now, ladies and gentlemen, in order that we honor America, I’d like you all to stand for this performance of our national anthem. And it’s going to be performed tonight by Nashoba sophomore, Sam Keith.

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Though Keith is only 15 years old in the video, everyone’s jaw drops once he starts singing.

Although anyone watching may have expected a higher pitched voice or one that was still developing, what comes out of Keith’s mouth is a full-bodied performance. His tone is very deep and nearly operatic—especially as his voice climbs up to the high notes on the second half of the song!

Once the performance is over, the crowd erupts in applause.

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Although the video was posted in 2014, it has since gained traction around the web and has more than a half million views.

The post has also since been updated as of December 11th 2017 after so many have been interested in Keith’s voice:

Sam has continued to sing the anthem at multiple football, soccer, and basketball games at his high school. He has continued his passion for voice and acting and is currently attending University of Cincinnati as a Musical Theater Major at CCM (College Conservatory of Music). He is part of the class of 2021.

In addition to being an incredible vocal performance, Keith’s singing also shows how individual we all are.

Whatever surface judgments we may have about someone based on what they look like or what sport they play more often than not end up false. After looking at Keith, nobody expected to hear the incredible voice that they did that day.

Congratulations on a great performance, Sam (and to many more)!

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Source: Inspire More, YouTube/SamuelJKeith