Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer On America’s Got Talent

June 12th, 2018

Another Golden Buzzer has been slammed on America’s Got Talent!

If you’re not entirely familiar with how the Golden Buzzer works on AGT, it is pretty simple. Basically, everyone who auditions is praying they’ll get one.

When a judge, guest judge, or host for America’s Got Talent slams the Golden Buzzer, that means the act automatically goes into the Live shows.

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By going to the Live shows, the act gets to skip the pesky Judges Cuts round. This means that they don’t have to try and prove themselves to the judges for a second time before actually competing. It is a pretty amazing moment when an act gets a Golden Buzzer.

Judge Simon Cowell and AGT host Tyra Banks have already used their buzzers this season and now, so has Howie Mandel!

And boy does 13-year-old Courtney Hadwin deserve the praise!

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The teen took the America’s Got Talent stage and quickly told judge Mel B that she was nervous. The judge was kind enough to tell Courtney not to be nervous.

She asked what Courtney’s favorite subject in school was and unsurprisingly, it is music. Courtney doesn’t have a particular favorite music to study in school, but after listening to her audition, it is safe to say Courtney likes the classics.

After a bit of banter with the judges, Courtney got a chance to audition and she proved she isn’t just a singer – she is a performer.

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As soon as the music began, Courtney started moving her feet and hands to the beat.

She used her long, lanky arms to accentuate her every move and commanded the stage while she sang Otis Reading’s “Hard to Handle.”

Courtney’s voice is unlike anything the AGT judges have ever heard before. She belongs in a different era!

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Courtney belted out the lyrics while she moved around the entire stage:

Here I am
I’m the man on the scene
I can give you what you want
But you got to come home with me
I forgot some good old lovin’
And I got some more in store
When I get to throw it on you
You got to come back for more

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Understandably so, the judges were absolutely blown away. Each judge had a look of awe on their face by the end of her performance.

The highest praise came when Howie Mandel compared Courtney to a young Janis Joplin. He told Courtney the story of how Clive Davis discovered Janis, then Howie said:

“I’m not Clive Davis. I’m Howie Mandel. I can’t sign you to a record deal. The only thing I can do for you young lady is give you…”

And Howie shot out of his seat to slam the Golden Buzzer for Courtney. As soon as he hit it, gold confetti began to rain down from the ceiling.

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America’s Got Talent airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 8 P.M., followed by World of Dance.

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