Couple work the crowd with lively boogie woogie performance that jolts the entire room
They are outstanding!
Irene Markianou

Sondre and Tanya are probably one of the most popular dancing couples on YouTube with thousands of subscribers to their channel and almost 130 million views.

Sondre, who is from Norway, showed his dancing talent early, since he started dancing when he was only five. At the age of eight he participated in his first Swing dance competitions, and by the age of 13 he was already a dance instructor.

Tanya, who was born in Kiev, Ukraine, started off as a classical dancer at the age of four, but at nine years old she decided to switch to acrobatic Rock-n-Roll. With an educational and professional background in Law, she became a full-time dancer about five years ago.

The two of them started dancing together at SwingAout Festival 2015, and since then they have found their other half when it comes to dancing.

“Since then we had been competing, teaching and performing boogie woogie all around Europe and outside of it. With great joy we used to travel to spread the love for swing dancing in general and boogie woogie in particular,” they explain.

They have won multiple competitions together, and they have even started their own dance event called Boogie Feet’s Festival in Sondre’s hometown DombĂ„s, Norway.

The dancing couple is very popular on YouTube and on social media, where they post clips from their performances and leave their viewers speechless every single time.

One of their most recent YouTube uploads is an improvised performance to the sound of “Rock Around The Clock”.

The couple’s moves are so smooth that they really have a soothing effect on the eye of the viewer

They are both excited to be performing this boogie-woogie, and it just shows on their faces. They love what they do and they enjoy every moment of their dance.

YouTube - Sondre & Tanya
YouTube - Sondre & Tanya

The audience stands around them cheering, amazed at every special move they make.

One of the best parts is when Tanya performs a roll- that’s when the audience can’t stop cheering on her. Only moments later, Sondre draws attention when his knees almost touch the floor while dancing without him ever losing his balance.

YouTube - Sondre & Tanya
YouTube - Sondre & Tanya

The audience keeps clapping and they are clearly enjoying the couple’s flawless performance.

YouTube users loved their dance and they left dozens of comments praising their skills.

“Sondre and Tanya you never disappoint your viewers. Congratulations on another fantastic performance. We loved it!!!” someone wrote.

YouTube - Sondre & Tanya
YouTube - Sondre & Tanya

Another viewer commented on how important it is for the leader to help their partner shine, which is exactly the case here.

“In couples dancing the leader leads the follower, but also the leader NEEDS the follower as partner to put it all together & make it work…and with these two, man does it ever!”

Sondre and Tanya are active on Instagram and TikTok, too, where they post not only clips from their performances, but also funny videos from their daily training and practice.

Watch the duo’s perfect performance below.

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By Irene Markianou
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Irene Markianou is a contributor at SBLY Media.