Christopher Walken’s happy 53-year marriage with “fox” wife even survived a murder scandal
Christopher Walken and his wife Georgianne Walken prove that the politics of showbiz is no match for true love.
Valerie Ablang

Does one know what it takes to have a successful marriage?

Is it communication? Is it respect, or is it just pure love?

Marriage is a two-way success.

Choosing your life partner has a lot of factors that should be considered.

It is not easy to get married and be lawfully bound to someone.

Pexels - Jasmine Carter
Pexels - Jasmine Carter

What’s more fascinating is to survive the relationship with someone despite circumstances that both individuals encounter.

Most Hollywood stars do not last because of the pressure that they get from work. However, Christopher Walken and his wife proved it the other way.

Christopher met his wife in 1963.

Their love for acting has made the two lovers cross paths and make way for their relationship to bloom.

They both performed in “West Side Story” theater and had an instant attraction with each other.

Christopher and Georgianne decided to get married eventually after years of being together.

Georgianne sacrificed her career.

As a dedicated wife, she provided financially for their family so Christopher could concentrate on his passion.

The couple has a simple way of living their family life.

YouTube Screenshot - Rumor Juice
YouTube Screenshot - Rumor Juice

They enjoy each other company despite choosing an ordinary way of living.

She eventually found her success behind the camera.

Although Georgianne still has her charms for acting, she enjoys her role as a casting director.

Christopher’s wife would still act at times but prefers to work outside the spotlight, unlike her husband.

She was able to receive numerous awards for her work in show business.

They have their fair share of household chores.

Georgianne takes care of their house and her husband’s needs.

While she is in charge of everything, Christopher Walken ensures he contributes to maintaining the welfare of their family.

The renowned actor is the one calling the shots in terms of the food on their table.

He proudly shares his love for cooking and showcases it by providing a delicious meal for them.

Christopher and Georgianne decided not to have kids.

Whenever asked about his opinion regarding having children, he says that he does not entertain the idea.

The famous actor repels the thought of having kids in their house and is not even amused to have their company.

What keeps them company is their cats which he wittingly gives names to.

He even admitted that his achievement would not be the same should they decide to have

The couple experienced ups and downs during their marriage.

Like any other couple, they also experienced a rough patch in their relationship when the actor’s name came up with a murdered starlet.

Christopher was linked as a key witness and suspected of having an affair with his co-star, Natalie.

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The tragedy happened in California, where she died from drowning without knowing its cause.

Their marriage can be described as simple and blissful.

Even though they encountered a scandalous situation, the two lovers remained faithful.

The two continued to be loyal to their love for each other and ended up being together for more than five decades.

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Ain’t that enough proof of their affection for each other?

Watch the full video and witness their undying love for each other.

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By Valerie Ablang
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