Dancers Light Up Floor With Fun Line Dance

May 21st, 2020

If you are seasoned line dancer or complete newbie, this line dance is the dance for you.

Learning a new line dance is best done visually and these dancers created the perfect video to learn the Canadian Stomp. Line dancing might have started in America but once Canadian Shania Twain hit the scene Canadians needed their own line dance to dance to, enter the creation of the Canadian Stomp.

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The Canadian Stomp is a beginner line dance that has 36 counts, sometimes 40 depending if the optional ending is added in. This version does not include the optional extra counts. The dance also has 4 walls, which means that the dancers will face four different walls throughout the dance. So, this dance is going to have the dancers complete a circle.

Do not let that scare you away, after you watch the video you will see it is simpler than it sounds.

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The dancing group that are showing off their moves are members of CountrEmotion.

“Our group emerged from a trial workshop for the women’s community in Eschenbach [Germany]. By the end of the course, over a dozen women had contracted the line dance virus! The school community provided us with the auditorium for our training and it was therefore obvious that we would set up our own group. We are now 60 enthusiastic members and dance in three groups on Wednesday and Thursday evenings CountrEmotion,” states their official website.

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Line dancing is not only an American dance anymore. This video proves that it has gone global, as German line dancers dance to a Canadian line dance that was choreographed by two Americans, Cindy Hall and Ginny Smith, in 1999. Line dancing has officially gone global!

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The first 16 counts are:


1 Touch right toe beside left with knee pointing toward left

2 Touch right heel forward with toe pointing outward

3, 4 Stomp right in front of left, hold

5 Touch left toe beside right with knee pointing toward right

6 Touch left heel forward with toe pointing outward

7, 8 Stomp left in front of right, hold


1-8 Repeat above”

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CountrEmotion will demonstrate these easy moves. The best part of line dancing is that you repeat the same counts throughout the song multiple times. So, if you make a mistake, you have multiple chances to better prefect it. Line dancing is a community event that is about having fun together.

The moves will come but make sure to have some fun while watching and learning.

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The last 16 counts are:


1, 2 Step back on right, hold

3, 4 Step back on left, hold

5, 6 Step back on right, step back on left

7, 8 Stomp right alongside left, stomp right alongside left (unweighted)

*Common Variation: 7 Right Touch 8 Hold


1, 2 Step right to right side, step left behind right

3, 4 Step right to right side, touch left alongside right

5, 6 Step left to left side, step right behind left

7, 8 Turn ¼ to left while stepping on left, scuff right forward”

While the steps might sound a bit confusing, these line dancers’ great moves will help you realize that anyone can do the Canadian Stomp after a bit of practice.

CountrEmotion does the Canadian Stomp to Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine,” but that is not the only song that the Canadian Stomp can be danced to. The radio station, New Country Albany (107.7) created a list of other songs that include songs from Blake Shelton, Kip Moore, Lee Brice, and more. You can check out the song list, right here.

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Watch CountrEmotion’s Canadian Stomp right below and good luck to everyone that plans on learning it!

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Source: YouTube, New Country Albany, CountrEmotion