These lads waited patiently to start singing. When they began, they made magic

November 10th, 2020

Is there anything the nation loves more than a good boy band? What could be better than a group of men singing soppy songs about love and breakups?

Well, we think we’ve found the answer. How about a group of five pre-teen boys who might only be ten years of age, but produce the most beautiful harmonies when they sing together?

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It takes guts to get up on stage and ask to be publicly judged.

These brave boys, however, were ready to give it their all when they appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2018.

The group consists of Northern English born and bred Max Ferguson, 10, Toby McTurk, 11, Harry Steel, 11, Felix Yates, 11, and Oscar Williams, 12. They were first brought together by a music teacher in early 2018, and it was quickly obvious that they were going to be something special.

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The group began to perform and record music together- and before long, their fanbase had started to grow.

The group has its own YouTube channel called Bring It North Official, and they shared some special, previously unseen footage with the public. The video shows the boyband performing an amazing rendition of “A Million Dreams” from the movie The Greatest Showman, and it’s certainly worth listening to.

“This was the version we prepared for our Britain’s Got Talent semi-final,” read the description. “We didn’t perform this version on television but we love it…. have a listen…. we hope you like it.”

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The boy’s breath-taking cover is so beautifully done that it’s sure to bring tears to your eyes.

Each boy has a couple of solo lines, making sure that every member has the chance to show off their fabulous voices. Then during the chorus, the boys come together in the most beautiful harmony.

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But would Simon Cowell and co think the same?

The day of the Britain’s Got Talent audition arrived, and the boys performed a rendition of Elton John’s “Electricity,” which had them sailing through to the next round.

“You’re so cute and I hope you inspire lots of young boys to do something they’re passionate about,” Judge Alesha Dixon enthused.

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The boys made it through a couple more rounds, which was an amazing achievement. And although they didn’t win, Simon hypothesized that good things were in store for this talented group as they grow older.

“This was a whole different proposition from when I first saw you,” Simon praised. “I didn’t feel a 12-year-old boy band would work, this song was absolutely age appropriate, perfect for you. You’re not ready yet for a recording contract. I wouldn’t put you through that. It’s prep for where you could be.”

Whatever happens, the boys already have a musical future lined up for them.

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Felix is the son of two music teachers and has future plans to study at the CAPA Performing Arts School in Wakefield. Meanwhile, band member Toby is the son of two dramatists and has been dancing for almost half his life. He has already bagged a scholarship to Scarborough College.

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this talented group, and in the meantime, we’ll continue to watch their amazing renditions over on their YouTube channel.

Watch the breath-taking performance below.

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Source: Bring It North Official