Andrea Bocelli joins Ed Sheeran and turns his megahit into a masterpiece

April 29th, 2021

Music does something to the soul that makes us just want more and more.

It’s not every day that one of opera’s biggest singers teams up with one of pop’s biggest superstars, but that’s exactly what happens in this video. Their performance took the internet by storm, racking up an insane amount of views on YouTube and touching hundreds of millions of people along the way.

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This performance will have your jaw to the floor!

Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli team up to inspire the world with their outstanding collaboration of Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” was released in 2017 and immediately became a hit song—but who knew the most famous name in Opera, Andrea Bocelli, would remake a version of the song with Sheeran that would light the internet on fire.

The two powerhouse musicians came together at Andrea Bocelli’s house in Tuscany, Italy shortly after the release of “Perfect” and gave people an inside look into their recording process.

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At the beginning of the video, Sheeran shows up at Bocelli’s beautiful home and the two head to the recording studio.

First, to record his part is Ed Sheeran—and anytime he’s singing, we all know it’s something worth watching. As usual, Sheeran lets out his award-winning voice and the magic begins to happen. Ever since he hit the scene way back in 2011, Sheeran’s silky smooth voice has been leaving people in awe and this is no different.

After Sheeran is done recording his part of the collaboration, it’s Bocelli’s turn.

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Soon after he starts singing, he brings down the house with his powerful voice!

Andrea Bocelli is one of the most, if not the most, beloved opera tenors in the entire world. Not just for his jaw-dropping voice, but also for his amazing back story. The talented musician was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma as a baby, and completely lost his vision when he was just 12 years old during a football accident.

Even so, Bocelli rose to fame in 1994 when the world first experienced and fell in love with his voice.

During his part in the “Perfect” collaboration, Bocelli flawlessly nails his part with many of his friends and family watching.

Sheeran and Bocelli got together on “Perfect” because of their mutual admiration for each other.

The two mega-stars both love one another’s voices, which is what led them to do the massively popular collaboration that took the world by storm.

“He has an incredible voice and he’s also an exquisite person so it was a great pleasure for me to sing with him,” Bocelli said of Sheeran.

Not only does Bocelli sing his part beautifully, but he also sings it in Italian adding an awesome twist on “Perfect.”

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Just when you thought the song couldn’t get any more beautiful, Bocelli manages to make it even better by singing it in a different language.

People on the internet agreed, watching this version of “Perfect” hundreds of millions of times.

Their collaboration has been viewed over 332 million times, with 2.6 million who also liked the video.

It’s easy to see why so many people were drawn to this duet, and it will only get more views from here. Now, we’re just waiting for another one from these two extremely gifted singers who captivated the world with their breathtaking vocals.

To see this magical duet for yourself, just watch the video below!

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Source: YouTube/Ed Sheeran, Ed Sheeran, Andrea Bocelli