Group of friends film a sandy, sunny version of the Git Up Challenge

May 27th, 2021

You’re probably aware by now of the popular Git Up Challenge inspired by Blanco Brown’s song by the same name.

It’s so catchy it makes you want to dance – and it just to happens that he created a dance to go with it!

Within two months of its release, the song has racked up 42 million streams on Spotify. Then, a dance challenge was created, which already had about 29 million views on TikTok at that time.

The road to the song’s viral success most likely started when Blanco Brown posted a video of him dancing to the song on his Instagram page.

And he referenced this success on his official music video as well.

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YouTube - Blanco Brown Source: YouTube - Blanco Brown

“Git Up” is one of those songs where you can’t help but shake your shoulders, stomp your feet, and snap your fingers. It’s got easy lyrics, a snappy and catchy tune, and a melody that’ll just put a smile on your face.

“Right now I just need you to git real loose

Get comfortable

Grab your loved ones or grab your love partner

and if you’re by yourself no worries just follow after me.”

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YouTube/Mason Spencer Source: YouTube/Mason Spencer

And that’s most likely one of the reasons a lot of people loved doing the “Git Up” dance, including this group of friends in the Bahamas.

“To the left to the left now

to the right to the right

now take your left hand and put it on your side

gone roll your shoulders

do the slip and slide

this next parts my favorite part cuz its time to shine”

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YouTube/Mason Spencer Source: YouTube/Mason Spencer

Maybe their dance moves aren’t perfect, but the background sure is – it makes us want to head to the beach immediately.

It’s a fun song and they want to have fun. So they’re going to dance to it and it doesn’t matter what other people are going to think.

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YouTube - Mason Spencer Source: YouTube - Mason Spencer

Well, apparently, so many people loved it that their video went viral on YouTube, earning over 600,000 views since it was first posted in 2019. Viewers loved it!

“Way to go! Looks like everyone is having fun,” Ashley Manuel said.

“Good for them.. they look like they were having fun..that’s all that should matter.. they did great,” Becky McGraw added.

“Looks like u all had fun! I thought the best two were the rainbow shorts guy and the guy directly in the middle during the beginning,” Gavin Benham analyzed.

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YouTube/Mason Spencer Source: YouTube/Mason Spencer

Did you know that even up to now, almost two years later, there are people still doing The Git Up Challenge?

If you do a search on YouTube, there are so many people who have posted their videos dancing to this challenge. And it’s different types of people, too! There are men and women dancing, old and young, policemen, professional dancers, and so much more.

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YouTube/Mason Spencer Source: YouTube/Mason Spencer

Blanco Brown really started a dance revolution with his song.

“No sex, no money, no foul language, just dancing and having fun. Music like this makes the world a better place,” Mark Clotworthy shared.

And it’s because it’s such a fun, wholesome song, which means anyone can enjoy it.

“Music. The one universal thing that can we can all embrace. This is one of those songs that might just do a little bit healing. I absolutely love this!!” one woman agreed.

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YouTube/Mason Spencer Source: YouTube/Mason Spencer

And we totally agree too!

“Unlike other singers, you can just feel the happiness in Blanco’s voice singing this. Listening to this makes me smile, knowing that others enjoy dancing and singing to this song even in 2021. Good job bro, can’t wait for my grandkids to hear this,” said another viewer.

And it’s true! People are still dancing and listening to this song in 2021.

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YouTube/Mason Spencer Source: YouTube/Mason Spencer

Have you done the “Git Up” challenge? Watch the video to practice and dance with your family or friends!

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