1962 Video of Wille Nelson singing “Hello Walls” shows what he was like before the braids
His style was a bit different than what it is now but I could make out that voice anywhere.
Jessica Adler

The ambiance of the 1960s Nashville scene is palpable as Willie Nelson, a name synonymous with classic country music, takes the stage.

With a guitar in hand and a voice that resonates with raw emotion, Nelson begins with “Hello Walls,” a song that speaks of loneliness and the yearning for a lost love.

The walls, personified, become the silent witnesses to the singer’s heartache, offering silent companionship in the face of abandonment.

Willie Nelson’s songs are timeless.

YouTube - dekkadon
YouTube - dekkadon

Expressing gratitude to the audience, Nelson delves into the backstory of the song, mentioning its previous rendition by Faron Young.

The transition is seamless as he introduces another classic, “Funny How Time Slips Away.”

The song, a poignant reflection on the passage of time and past relationships, is delivered with a mix of nostalgia and acceptance.

The lyrics, “It’s been so long now, but it seems now it was only yesterday,” evoke a sense of longing and the unpredictable nature of time.

YouTube - dekkadon
YouTube - dekkadon

The audience is then treated to “Night Life,” a song previously recorded by Ray Price.

Nelson’s rendition is filled with the melancholy of nighttime contemplations, capturing the essence of the nightlife and its accompanying blues.

The song paints a vivid picture of the evening scene, where dreams and reality blur, and the weight of loneliness becomes almost tangible.

The nightlife, as described, may not be the ideal life, but it’s a life many know all too well.

YouTube - dekkadon
YouTube - dekkadon

As the chords of “Night Life” fade, Nelson shares a personal anecdote, expressing the immense pride and joy he felt when the legendary Patsy Cline chose to record one of his compositions.

The anticipation in the room is palpable as he introduces the next song, “Crazy.”

“Crazy” begins, and the room is immediately enveloped in the hauntingly beautiful melody.

The lyrics speak of a love that’s overwhelming, bordering on madness.

The pain of unrequited love and the torment of emotions are evident in every note.

“I’m crazy for trying, I’m crazy for crying, and crazy for loving you,” Nelson croons, capturing the essence of a love that’s both passionate and painful.

YouTube - dekkadon
YouTube - dekkadon

Throughout the performance, Nelson’s voice remains the star of the show.

Each song is delivered with a depth of emotion that only a true artist can achieve.

His guitar, a constant companion, complements his vocals, adding layers of depth to each song.

As the last notes of “Crazy” linger in the air, one can’t help but reflect on the journey Nelson has taken the audience on.

From the loneliness of “Hello Walls” to the passionate despair of “Crazy,” the range of emotions explored is vast.

Each song, a story in itself, offers a glimpse into the complexities of love, time, and life.

YouTube - dekkadon
YouTube - dekkadon

The performance, though a mere snippet of Nelson’s vast repertoire, serves as a testament to his unparalleled talent and the timeless appeal of classic country music.

The songs, though decades old, remain relevant, resonating with audiences of all ages.

As the applause fills the room, one is left with a profound sense of admiration for Willie Nelson, a true maestro of country music.

His ability to weave stories through song, touching the very soul of the listener, is a rare gift.

And as the evening comes to a close, the melodies linger, a reminder of the magic of music and the power of a voice that speaks directly to the heart.

See what Willie was like before the braids in the video below!

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