Jackie Chan showed his heart for Elvis Presley by singing megahit on The Late Show
I had no idea that Jackie Chan could sing.
Jessica Adler

Close your eyes and try to envision Jackie Chan, the martial arts maestro we’ve all cheered for, crooning to an Elvis Presley classic.

Sounds surreal, right?

Well, that’s precisely the delightful surprise he had in store when he sat down with David Letterman.

The man’s got layers, and just when you think you’ve seen them all, he peels back another.

Jackie’s tales of his early days in Hollywood are the stuff of legends.

Imagine the action star, fresh from his successes in Asia, grappling with the English language in the quirkiest ways.

There’s Jackie, bending down to tie his shoelaces in an elevator, just to dodge the small talk.

Or that hilarious episode at a restaurant, where he’d rehearsed ordering ‘milk, toast, and bacon’ so many times, only to be stumped when asked, “How’d you like your eggs?”

And then there’s the “Rush Hour” saga.

While Jackie was the diligent student, memorizing his lines, his co-star Chris Tucker was the mischievous improviser.

Every scene was a surprise, with Chris throwing in lines that weren’t on the script, leaving Jackie both baffled and in splits.

Their off-screen camaraderie? Just as endearing, filled with jokes that Jackie would often pretend to get.

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Now, about that Elvis connection.

Jackie’s secret English tutor was none other than the world of country music.

The slow, soulful tunes of Kenny Rogers and Willie Nelson were his go-to. And the best part? He’d use these lyrics as pick-up lines.

Smooth, Jackie, real smooth.

YouTube - Letterman
YouTube - Letterman

But back to that Letterman episode.

Jackie, in a move that surprised everyone, decided it was time for a song.

And not just any song, but the King’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

As he sang, it was clear: this was no mere stunt. The man had pipes!

YouTube - Letterman
YouTube - Letterman

The audience was spellbound.

Here was Jackie Chan, the action hero, revealing a side so raw and genuine. His voice, dripping with emotion, held everyone captive.

The applause that erupted was not just for the song but for the man’s sheer unpredictability.

YouTube - Letterman
YouTube - Letterman

As the evening wrapped up, there was a palpable sense of admiration in the air.

Jackie had, once again, defied expectations, leaving everyone with a story they’d recount for years.

YouTube - Letterman
YouTube - Letterman

Jackie’s journey, from the streets of Hong Kong to the glitzy world of Hollywood, is peppered with challenges, laughter, and a whole lot of music.

It’s a testament to his spirit, his never-say-die attitude, and his ability to find humor in the most unexpected places.

Jackie Chan can do it all.

YouTube - Letterman
YouTube - Letterman

So, here’s to Jackie Chan – not just the fighter, the actor, or the comedian, but the singer, the linguist, and above all, the eternal entertainer.

Cheers to the man who never ceases to amaze.

See Jackie Chan make his singing debut on Letterman with a sweet tribute to Elvis below!

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