Young boy steals the spotlight at Celtic Thunder concert

June 30th, 2020

In a splendid performance of vocal skill and comic relief, Irish musical group Celtic Thunder drops a spectacular cover of You Got a Friend in Me, from that classic 3D animated film we all know and love.

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It’s hard to believe, but Disney Pixar’s animated classic, Toy Story, is already 25 years old. As perhaps the most famous 3d animated motion picture from a large corporation, it’s also nothing short of timeless.

The film may have been 3D, but it was a Disney film nonetheless. That means a memorable soundtrack is guaranteed. Heck, you could call it a requirement

“You Got a Friend in Me” was composed and originally performed by Randy Newman. It set the stage for Woody and Andy’s relationship in the first Toy Story film that started it all, and it’s been a mainstay in every subsequent sequel.

To friendship…and beyond! ✨

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The song is about as iconic as “A Whole New World“, “I Just Can’t Wait to be King“, or – dare I say – Frozen’s “Let It Go“.

And indeed, their rendition most definitely does justice to the original. It captures the same spirit and feel nearly to a tee. As it should!

Keith Harkin is our disinterested Ukulele player. He strums the chords and never misses his cue, but oh boy does he look like he wants to be somewhere else. It’s all part of the performance though, don’t worry.

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Resolutions…resolutions everywhere.

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Tailing him and doing the singing is Daniel Furlong. He’s doing a great job, but Keith doesn’t want him to know that

The backing band plays the notes of the song’s intro, and their crowd recognized the song about as quickly as anyone on the planet. Even the notes alone, never mind the lyrics, are enough to conjure up replays in your head of Woody, Buzz, Slink, Rex and the other characters hanging around Andy’s room.

Still, Keith couldn’t care less. He looks about as grumpy and anti-social as Woody was when Buzz got added to Andy’s collection.

That’s not singing. That’s just talking…with style

Now, we really have to give Daniel some credit. His energy and constant mimicking of Keith’s movements is what elevates their performance. Keith’s play at disinterest and mild annoyance compliments it quite well, and the result is pure, wholesome entertainment.

There’s even a moment when Daniel appears to stumble as he tails Keith. Was that an accident or was it all part of the act? We may never know. Maybe someone in the crowd yelled “Andy’s Coming!” and he almost fell for it?

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Furthermore, Keith is the master of poker face. Maintaining his unenthusiastic, bored expression all throughout the song while Daniel goes to work with his shenanigans is some skill. Most of us would struggle to even keep a straight face.

Can’t help but wonder if Keith had a snake in his boot or something

25 years really flew by really quick. It started with Woody and Buzz, then Jessie and Bullseye. Come the 2010s, we were all balling our eyes out uncontrollably when Andy went off to college and left them with Bonny.

And now the latest installment in the Toy Story saga sees Woody looking after Bonny’s new arts and crafts toys and reuniting with Bo Peep after all these decades. Pixar must have realized how unfairly underused Bo Peep was and decided to remedy that.

Hearing Celtic Thunder’s cover of Toy Story’s most memorable piece of soundtrack might be the best way to get back into the mood to re-watch the films

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As the first fully 3D animated film ever made, the original Toy Story is just as much a part of history as it is a timeless, wholesome classic.

So before you open your streaming service or play the DVD, feel free to watch Daniel and Keith’s playful homage and cover to the films’ iconic song. You won’t regret it.

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