A woman Sings One Of The Most Covered Songs In History

June 29th, 2021

“Hallelujah” has been covered so many times that we’ve even lost the track of all the outstanding versions out there.

It’s one of the most covered songs in history, and there are over 300 known versions of it in various languages.

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Jeff Buckley sang it, then Leonard Cohen did.

Now we’ll hear a female rendition of a song that appeared on many international singles charts. Here’s how Jade Helliwell does it.

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As the video begins, you can see that the girl is on a night out.

She’s dressed up, there is a smile on her face and she was out to experience the nightlife in Leeds.

Her name is Jade, and as she passes by a busker, she asks if he could play “Hallelujah” on his guitar so she can sing along.

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The man does so, and we all get a big surprise after hearing her incredible voice.

The girl can sing and she definitely radiates a lot of confidence when performing.

She’s not even done with the first verse and you can already hear people screaming “Hallelujah” from their windows!

So much for that secret chord that David played!

Looks like the whole neighborhood took part in this unexpected, but remarkable performance!

The busker is Dawid Osial, and he was minding his own business when the girl with the phenomenal voice came along.

All of a sudden, the fans want to know more about both of them, and we feel like an adorable friendship blossomed on that street corner!

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For those who don’t know, Jade Helliwell is slowly building a name for herself.

A very impressed viewer said,

“I come back yearly to watch this video that’s nothing short of one of the most beautiful real and genuine moments between two strangers life has to offer.”

It really is the unplanned moments, the out of nowhere impromptu acts that seem to capture the hearts of many.

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This singer-songwriter from West Yorkshire, whose style is described as a blend of pop and country, is gaining popularity among fans ever since the video was posted in 2017.

People were stunned, and everyone wanted to know more about the girl who blew everyone away with her vocals.

Today, her Instagram account has close to 5000 followers.

Helliwell has listed Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton and Maren Morris as some of the artists who influenced her music a lot.

Over the last couple of years, Jade has regularly appeared at festivals.

After the video of her singing “Hallelujah” went viral, she went on to win the Yamaha Hoedown competition and is now endorsed as a Yamaha Artist.

With three albums under her belt, the extremely talented girl keeps up the work.

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Her music is available on Spotify, and there are some upcoming shows featured on her page.

A viewer named Stephen shared his thoughts,

“I love the smile on the busker’s face, especially when she hits the high notes. He’s like, “WTF…this woman can sing!!” I wonder if he knew who she was before she started?”

People passing by definitely connected to her singing!

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She’s definitely brave for walking up to a man and starting to sing just like that.

That’s what it means to seize opportunities! Let’s just focus on what excellent singers they both are.

It’s clear that they felt the song differently, but the way it came out is magical.

Their voices go well together, and maybe we’ll see some future collaboration between these two! The best part of the video is that people started approaching and singing along.

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The girl keeps herself busy with plenty of stuff going on; support shows, festival slots, a headline show in London and much more.

More than five million people have seen the video, and we’re always happy when someone’s career deservedly skyrockets.

We wish her the very best with future work and we hope to see more of Dawid Osial too!

Check out their incredible performance in the video below!

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