Woman dances her heart out in traffic jam giving motorists hilarious show

April 21st, 2021

We’ve all got that one friend that you can’t take anywhere.

Whether she’s openly flirting with your waiter, singing loudly in a silent building, or encouraging midday drinks when you need to be back at work in half an hour, she definitely knows how to keep you on your feet.

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But as much as friends like this might embarrass us, we’d love life half as much without them.

Having a friend who’s the life and soul of the party can encourage you to let loose and come out of your shell, helping you to get more out of every single day.

On the flip side, you can be there whenever your crazy friend needs a little grounding, or when they’re going through a tough time and have momentarily forgotten what it feels like to smile.

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One woman named Lisa Smoot knows exactly how to make a good time of any situation – even traffic jams.

I known I lost 2 pounds from all that hair Nan cut off! THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME FEEL HUMAN AGAIN!

Posted by Life with Lisa Smoot onWednesday, May 27, 2020

A video posted on YouTube shows Lisa busting a move in her drivers’ seat, while her friend, Jimi, films her from her side.

The caption simply reads:

“My friend Lisa Smoot warned everyone. So here it is.

Traffic at a complete stop on I65, and she’s dancing in a traffic jam.”

It’s the sort of intriguing caption that tells you one thing for sure: this video is bound to have you laughing in no time.

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Jimi Jamm/ YouTube Source: Jimi Jamm/ YouTube

And you’d be right – the moment Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” starts to play, and Lisa announces that it’s “my song”, we know we’re in for a treat.

The thumping bass kicks in and Lisa starts to bop about in her seat. She tells Jimi that she might be getting out of the car, but would Jimi believe her? Most likely, if she’s that kind of friend!

Meghan Trainor sings the song’s opening lyrics, and with all the sass you’d expect, Lisa joins in.

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Jimi Jamm/ YouTube Source: Jimi Jamm/ YouTube

This is clearly one of Lisa’s favorite tunes, and we all know how it feels when a song we love comes on the radio. It’s the most exciting thing ever – despite the fact that we could play the song at our own will whenever we wanted.

In Lisa’s case, the excitement gets too much, and by the end of the chorus, she does what she warned: gets out of the car.

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Jimi Jamm/ YouTube Source: Jimi Jamm/ YouTube

You’d think that the moment she stepped onto the road, facing the stationary cars all around her, she’d get instant cold feet.

But Lisa mustn’t be afraid of anything, as she almost appears to be trying to look other drivers in the eye as she claps, points, bops and bounces for all she’s worth.

One viewer commented:

“You go girlfriend….wish I had the courage to do that in traffic…..RESPECT!!!!”

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Jimi Jamm/ YouTube Source: Jimi Jamm/ YouTube

That’s one fearless woman – and good for her!

After the video went viral, being viewed more than 145,000 times, Lisa decided that she had a new career in Internet showbiz ahead of her.

She created a Facebook page, Life with Lisa Smoot (Music, Dance, Love & Dogs), where she continued to document her craziness.

Morning coffee in the pool. (My bougee blow up pool.)

Posted by Life with Lisa Smoot onSaturday, July 25, 2020

If you loved Lisa’s carefree dancing to Meghan Trainor, there’s plenty more where that came from on Facebook.

But if you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s the place to start! You can watch the full thing below – and beware: you might just want to get up and party with Lisa by the time it’s over.

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Source: Jimi Jamm/ YouTube, Facebook