Toby Keith’s wife of 38 yrs remains by his side during chemo, met when he had no money or fame
This couple has been true to their wedding vows. In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, they stayed together.
Caryl Jane Espiritu

You may have attended a wedding once or twice and are familiar with the wedding vows couples make.

Pexels - Emma Bauso
Pexels - Emma Bauso

They vow to be together even through sickness or in times of health.

With or without riches, the couple promises each other to stay together no matter what.

It is a difficult vow to make, and only couples who have true love in them can keep these words of love and confidence in each other.

While we know that the show business industry is not exactly a place for solid relationships, some couples make us believe that even fame and fortune cannot hinder a true and enduring love.

Toby Keith and his wife prove that true and long-lasting love is possible – even for famous celebrities.

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Toby Keith met his wife, Tricia Lucus, when he had no money or fame.

In 1979, the singer-songwriter graduated from Moore High School, and after that, he worked as an oil field laborer who earned $50,000 per year.

Although he had a day job, it cannot be denied that Toby also loved something else – music.

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He played guitar and would write songs in his spare time. He would perform at local clubs with his band Easy Money when he had the time.

His passion and talent were evident, and it did not take long for him to become known in the music industry.

Toby met Tricia in one of the clubs where he was performing. He was still a nobody back then.

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Tricia worked as a secretary in an oil business back then.

She met 20-year-old Toby and spent time with him on the dance floor.

They started to date each other not long after.

After three years of dating, both decided to get married in 1984.

Toby adopted Tricia’s daughter from a previous relationship, and they began a family of their own.

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Toby was then given an opportunity to focus on his music because the company he worked for went bankrupt.

Financially, Toby was struggling at the time. It was not easy, but Tricia never left his side.

They faced each challenge together and never gave up.

People commented that Toby focused on music instead of “getting a real job.”

Despite all these, the couple held on and did what they could as a couple.

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Their struggles and perseverance paid off because Toby made a name in the country music scene years later.

He is now considered one of the most successful country singers of all time.

Years later, money did not become an issue anymore.

The couple welcomed two more children, and everything was going right as he steadily climbed up the charts with his beautiful songs being appreciated by fans across the globe.

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The bad news came when he found out in 2021 that he had stomach cancer.

It was another challenge that the couple was ready to take on.

Health was a priority for Toby, and Tricia was with him all throughout his chemotherapy sessions.

After six months of chemo and radiation therapy, he is doing well and sending messages of hope to his fans.

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The couple is celebrating 38 years together.

Their decades with each other were never easy, but they had each other, which was the most important thing.

Click the video below to learn more about Toby Keith’s family journey.

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