This Little Girl Surprises Everyone With Her Beautiful Voice

July 2nd, 2021

Las voces angelicales no son algo que escuchemos con mucha frecuencia. Claro, a veces podemos vislumbrar cuando vemos a artistas de “nadie” audicionando en programas de talentos, pero ¿qué pasa con una niña pequeña?

Los niños a menudo no tienen el desarrollo o los atributos físicos para ser un cantante profesional, pero no es una regla estricta.

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La pequeña Sophie Fatu es una de esas niñas que crecerá y se hará famosa, específicamente por su canto.

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¡Sophie es una niña de siete años que tiene las flautas de un ángel! El mundo la vio por primera vez cuando compitió en “Little Big Shots” con Steve Harvey; ¡solo tenía cuatro años en ese momento!

Desde entonces, ha aparecido en America’s Got Talent, The Ellen Show y ha sido representante de algunas de las marcas más famosas del mundo.

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In short, this girl is awesome!

Her major claim to fame is her voice, especially with how good it is for someone her age.

Most kids don’t have breath control, power, or an understanding of their own vocal cords. You know how they learn? A teacher!

Her vocal coach is a guy named Cody Jay, and the two regularly work together.

Cody describes himself by saying:

Hey! I’m Cody Jay: a self-produced singer, songwriter, music producer & artist. I’ve created 3 albums on my own which I’m extremely proud of….But I’m done with that. I want to collaborate. I want to bring the skills I’ve developed over the past 8 years & work with talented individuals like you, who need production & songwriting help. Hit me up!

Watching Cody and Sophie sing a song together is a touching and truly wonderful experience.

They covered a song a few months ago that already has over 400k views online!

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The song in question is “The Prayer,” a song that you may know from Quest for Camelot (a 1998 Disney movie). When Sophie and Cody sing it together, it’s something special.

Sophie starts off singing it alone and in English.

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She looks adorable, and it sounds good enough to be featured in a new Disney movie!

Her little voice has the perfect amount of vibrato, showing just how much control she has at her age.

Cody soon comes in and begins singing secondary lines in a different language (it’s clearly one of the romance languages, but we think it’s Italian specifically).

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As the two sing, together, the contrast of the richness is Cody’s voice and the softness in Sophies works beautifully together.

Soon, they unite and begin singing in the other language, growing bigger and bigger until they peak with a beautiful note and harmony.

After some research, we can be sure that the parts in the other language are sung by Andrea Bocelli, confirming it’s Italian!

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Knowing that Andrea Bocelli was the duet singer in the original makes so much sense!

The female part in the song? Celine Dion! Cody and Sophie’s singing are like mini-versions of the original, and we think they did a great job.

Check out their beautiful singing in the video below!

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Fuente: Sound Better , YouTube