Teen takes home first place with sultry cover of “Perfect” at school talent show

February 12th, 2021

A high school talent show can either break or make a student. Just imagine the amount of pressure someone gets from performing in front of a huge crowd. Well, that crowd consists of your high school friends (even enemies) and teachers, but you get the point. Brave are those students who can pull off an awesome performance without breaking a sweat.

Take it from Peyton Littleton of Central Davidson High School in Lexington, North Carolina. He nailed a song cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

And the result? He didn’t just wow the crowd- he also bagged first place!

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Youtube Screenshot-Jeff Littleton Source: Youtube Screenshot-Jeff Littleton

A Grammy Award winner, singer, and songwriter from Great Britain- that’s Ed Sheeran ladies and gentlemen.

For the past years, he’s been consistently making hits. Topping song charts all across the globe.

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In an interview with Zane Lowe, Sheeran discussed his goals with writing the song.
“I need to do it 100% me, so everyone will listen to that will be like, “Ah! He can actually do it!” Sheeran said.
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According to Billboard.com, Sheeran’s song “Perfect,” reached number one on the pop charts and stayed on the charts for 57 weeks. Everyone in the crowded gymnasium seems to know this hit, as they sing along to the song.

Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” currently holds the number 91 spot on the all-time Billboard US Hot 100 list.

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“This is harder than going on the Voice or any other show. This kid has to see his peers everyday.”
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Youtube Screenshot-Jeff Littleton Source: Youtube Screenshot-Jeff Littleton
If you plan to perform onstage, Open Mic Uk has some great tips for you. It’s good to learn your lyrics, practice, and sing with emotion. The website also mention things not to do, like “Let your ego get in the way of a great performance.”

Peyton doesn’t plan on letting down his friends who are cheering for him.

He sets his shyness aside and goes for a performance to remember.

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“Perfect” is such a crowd pleasing hit. Ed Sheeran knows what it takes to record a hit and become a pop sensation. In a New York Times interview, Sheeran’s long time producer Benny Blanco explains what it takes to produce a hit song.

“I couldn’t sit down and play a concert for you or really wow you on any instrument,” Mr. Blanco said. “What I can do is meet an artist, know what type of song I think we should make and be their therapist, make everyone feel comfortable.”

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If you’re looking for a song to cover with acoustic guitar, “Perfect” is ideal. Peyton breaks the song down to its essence- guitar strings and a velvet voice. The unassuming young performer works the guitar fluidly, and his voice travels the melodies with finesse and charm.

Peyton channels his inner Sheeran and goes full throttle with that beloved breezy voice, full of emotion.

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Youtube Screenshot-Jeff Littleton Source: Youtube Screenshot-Jeff Littleton

At one point the crowd shows gratitude by waving their cell phone flashlights. The beautiful array of lights envelop Peyton in a halo that gives the impression of a stage show production.

Historically, butane lighters were used at concerts during slow ballads, but as noted in a Los Angeles Times article,

“Now, the ubiquitous glowing gadgets have all but replaced cigarette lighters to set the mood at concerts.”

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Youtube Screenshot-Jeff Littleton Source: Youtube Screenshot-Jeff Littleton

A school talent show like this brings out the best in a student who wants to show their hidden talent. It’s a great venue for these youngsters to gain their first coating of confidence. Peyton here didn’t just perform a beautiful song number, he’s also put smiles on our faces.

If you love Ed Sheeran, then you’ll also Peyton’s cover of “Perfect” in the video below.

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