Teen goes viral with fantastic Ed Sheeran cover

July 29th, 2020

Jason Clas loves to sing. He has been gifted with the voice of an angel and has been posting videos online since he was about 15-years old.

He rose to internet fame when he covered Ed Sheeran’s hit song, I See Fire and performed it in the hallway of his apartment complex in The Bronx. With his friend at his side on the acoustic guitar, they filled the building with melody, and the hearts of viewers around the world.

Someone get Ed Sheeran on the phone… has he seen this?

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The smart phone recording isn’t professional grade equipment by any means. In fact, the lighting and camera combo actually make his eyes look a little demonic at times… But none of that matters because Jason’s voice is so beautiful.

And the hallway has some pretty nice natural acoustics in there too! You gotta start somewhere, right?

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He covered the song two years after it was commissioned and featured in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Which is the second instalment of the three-part film series.

I See Fire was more than just a popular song on the movie’s sound track, it racked up more than 340 million views on YouTube and hit the top pop charts for weeks on end.

Sure, that happens to movie soundtracks sometimes (lest we forget Frozen?) but it’s rare!

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Many people covered the song after it’s release, including some a cappella and piano renditions. But Jason’s stripped down acoustic version doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. It’s just his voice, a guitar, and a little bit of harmonizing done by the guitar player to enhance it where needed.

It’s a cover that does more to showcase his incredible voice than it does to put a new spin on something already beautifully sung by Ed Sheeran. What’s most impressive is that 15-year-old Jason hits all the same highs and lows as Ed, and he makes it look effortless.

His arms sway loosely at his sides while he performs, standing how most teens stand… a little awkwardly. But there’s nothing awkward about his smooth singing voice.

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This video went viral and has been viewed at least 4 million times on YouTube between when it was posted in 2015, to now.

Jason is now 20 years old and still pursuing a music career. He has learned to play guitar and now plays music entirely on his own. (Not that the friend in this video wasn’t a great addition!)

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You can find shorter clips of him singing and showing off his gift on Instagram.

He has dedicated followers who always look forward to his covers, and he’s even written some original songs.

One of his biggest achievements so far was when he got to work with Dre Bombay, a Grammy-winning producer.

He’s making some awesome connections to skyrocket him into fame.

He also professionally recorded a remix of Talk About Us, and has a couple other songs up on Spotify.

Count me in as one of his fans – he’s a talented guy! And he’s certainly showing no signs of stopping the grind any time soon.

Watch the video below for his famous I See Fire cover, or follow him on Instagram for more of his new content.

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Sources: Steven Perez, Instagram/jason_clas__