Swing dancing couple cut loose with beach-vibe Boogie Woogie improv and get over 1.2M views
Sondre and Tanya have been dance champions for a long time and it seems they’ve still got much to share.
Jessica Adler

Laroquebrou, France, was alive with the rhythmic beats of Vince Bassou, but it was the electrifying dance by Sondre and Tanya at the SwingAout Festival 2023 that truly stole the show.

The atmosphere was thick with anticipation.

Tanya, exuding a 1950s beach-town charm, dramatically swayed her hips, drawing every eye to her.

Following closely behind was Sondre, his attire echoing the same beachy vibe, and a look of sheer determination and excitement plastered on his face.

YouTube - Sondre & Tanya
YouTube - Sondre & Tanya

As the first notes of the music played, the duo didn’t hesitate.

They leaped into action, their bodies moving in perfect harmony.

Sondre, with his signature rubbery legs, bent low, almost caressing the floor with each step.

Tanya, not to be outdone, showcased her rapid footwork, a testament to her skill and dedication to the craft.

Each step, each twirl, was a dance narrative unfolding right before the audience’s eyes.

YouTube - Sondre & Tanya
YouTube - Sondre & Tanya

Their chemistry was palpable.

Eight years of dancing together, since 2015, had honed their synchronicity to near perfection.

Each glance they shared, every hand they held, told a story of trust, understanding, and a shared passion for dance.

Their journey had taken them across Europe, where they not only competed but also spread their love for boogie-woogie and swing dancing.

Their website spills the beans on their adventures.

They’ve been crisscrossing Europe, teaching eager learners, lighting up stages, and pouring their hearts into every dance step.

It’s not just about the moves; it’s about the stories they tell and the memories they create with every beat.

And then there’s the Boogie Feet’s Festival back in Sondre’s stomping grounds, Dombås, Norway.

This isn’t just some run-of-the-mill dance shindig. It’s their love letter to the dance community.

It’s a place where they nurture budding talents and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of swing dancers from all over.

Back to that sultry evening in Laroquebrou where, as the music swelled, so did their intensity.

It was like watching poetry in motion.

The crowd couldn’t help but get swept up in it, some even shimmying in their seats, completely lost in the rhythm and the raw emotion pouring from the stage.

YouTube - Sondre & Tanya
YouTube - Sondre & Tanya

As the last note hung in the air, the two shared a fleeting, knowing look. It’s that silent “we nailed it” moment.

The applause that followed was earth-shattering.

But for them, it wasn’t about the claps; it was about sharing a piece of their soul with every twirl and tap.

YouTube - Sondre & Tanya
YouTube - Sondre & Tanya

From their first unseasoned dance steps together in 2015 to setting the stage on fire at the SwingAout Festival 2023, Sondre and Tanya’s journey is the stuff of legends.

It’s a wild ride filled with sweat, laughter, maybe a few tears, and a whole lot of heart.

YouTube - Sondre & Tanya
YouTube - Sondre & Tanya

As always, Sondre and Tanya left an indelible mark.

See Sondre and Tanya show they’re nowhere near ready to slow it down in the video below!

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