Student stuns classroom with perfect Rihanna cover

April 20th, 2021

In 2012, many songs dominated the music charts across the globe. One of them is the era’s defining ballad “Diamonds.”

Penned by the Australian singer and songwriter Sia and sung by the Barbadian superstar Rihanna, it has since become one of the best-selling singles of all time.

“Diamonds” has been played countless times on radios and various music platforms. It has also been sung numerous times by different people, and of them is a certain talented man from Georgia. But the main thing that sets him apart from the other song covers is that his spontaneous jamming took the YouTube world by storm.

This man went viral after his impromptu cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds.”

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With his robust yet soulful voice, he performs his own rendition of the famous ballad.

No one would expect that his voice will match the song well. Despite the difference in the way he delivers the song, he maintains the feeling of pain and angst laced within its lyrics and melodies as this song marks the departure of the original singer from the theme of an unhealthy relationship.

As sweet notes of the piano float in the air, he sings every word with utter caress.

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His voice is so smooth!

The way it echoes across the room just amplifies the caliber of his voice. Anyone who listens to it is sure to get goosebumps!

The addition of the bass complements his amazing vocals, making this one of the best acoustic versions out there.

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He has a natural vibrato that adds another flavor to his singing.

The way he easily shifts from hitting those high notes to marking the low notes on the bullseye shows how versatile he is as a performer. He just oozes so much talent and personality in his voice—the sky’s the limit for him!

He already has the skills and the potential—with just a bit of polish, he will shine (like a diamond)!

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As the song reaches the chorus, his friends join the scene as backup vocals.

Their voices blending well it is like heaven to ears that one can’t help but sing along. The overall simplicity of their cover yet the sheer quality is present is what makes people love this video. Their beautiful cover continues to make waves on social media that the guy singing in a blue shirt becomes the next internet sensation.

This talented guy right here is Willie Spence, and he is now living his dream to become a professional singer.

The person who started as a diamond in the rough is now shining brilliantly on American Idol.

He even performed the same song during his auditions that helped him earned three yeses from the judges. He continues to impress the show’s judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie as he is now part of the Top 12.

And to celebrate another milestone of his singing career in the making, he performs Rihanna’s “Diamonds” again on the show making everyone bop their heads and enjoy his upbeat rendition!

Before he gets crowned as the next American Idol, get ready to be blown away with his amazing vocals by watching the video below:

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