Straight No Chaser Performs Fun Christas Song

November 29th, 2018

It’s the time of the year for gingerbread cookies, hot cocoa, warm wool socks by the fireplace, and cheesy holiday movies. With shorter days and chilly weather, ‘tis the season to be cozy as can be with the ones you love.

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But one of the best parts of the Christmas season, arguably, is the music! Whether it’s on in the background setting the mood of the season, or you’re in the choir front and center, singing your cheery heart out for others to enjoy, Christmas carols and other songs of the season are what buoys the whole vibe.

The best carols are the ones that don’t take themselves so seriously. What’s better than a good laugh to warm your chilly bones in the cold of December than a nice hearty laugh?

Straight No Chaser is an a cappella group that was formed all the way back in 1996 at Indiana University. The all-male group still performs their songs around the country today, a couple of decades later. That’s the kind of bond that you don’t often see, at least not for that long of a period of time!

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They’ve taken their college hobby and turned it into a decades-long recording career. They have multiple albums available and have toured around the world and back singing all kinds of different genres of music.

But you can see why they’re still together in the video below. You can tell that it was filmed on a VHS tape because it was performed all the way back in 1998, right at the beginning of the group’s formation.

They start to sing “The 12 Days of Christmas,” and all is going as expected as they make their way through the days of Christmas, but then something goes a little off track, and the crowd can’t stop laughing!

This is the kind of Christmas spirit I can get behind!

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As the song goes on, it just gets more and more off of the rails. At every turn, there’s another curveball just when you’re not expecting it.

This really manages to get all of the Christmas classics into one big, glorious mess, and it’s all you could really ask for.

I don’t see why they couldn’t let the dreidle song go on, though! I guess that was the next song on their setlist for this show.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Do you like to sing Christmas carols by the fire? Maybe you and your family have a gingerbread house-making competition.

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However you and your family and loved ones choose to celebrate this time of the year, always remember to remind them that they are special to you. Sure, gifs are great, but knowing how much you truly mean to one another is something much more valuable than any present you could give or receive.

Have a happy and safe holiday season! Come back to this lighthearted Christmas carol whenever the silly stress of the season starts to get to you, and you’ll be cured!

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[Source: Randy of Straight No Chaser]