Stallone wouldn’t send autistic son to a facility, cared for him at home away from public eye
I always wondered why we rarely ever heard about Seargeoh.
Elijah Chan

There is a challenge for anyone who’s raising a family.

Celebrities, no matter how perfectly picturesque their lives are, are not exempt from this.

They have their own fair share of battles. And through these challenges, they discover more of themselves just like anybody else.

YouTube Screenshot - Rumour Juice
YouTube Screenshot - Rumour Juice

Those who followed Sylvester Stallone thought they knew everything about him.

Little did they know, he was hiding a side of their family that is dedicated and loving.

He was 28 years old back in 1974 when he married Sasha Czack.

They had two sons, Sage Moonblood and Seargeoh who were born three years after Sage.

People knew Sage, especially because of his tragic death in 2012 because of heart disease.

YouTube Screenshot - Rumour Juice
YouTube Screenshot - Rumour Juice

When Seargeoh emerged, people mistook him for his older brother.

The truth is, his family insulated him from public scrutiny because of his medical condition.

It was in their living room when Rocky Balboa received one of the greatest blows of his life.

Seargeoh was just three years old back then when a doctor talked to him at their home in the Pacific Palisades.

Seargeoh had a cameo in Rocky II, which might’ve made his parents hopeful.

Then, as the little boy grew up, they noticed that he had trouble communicating.

He could draw, write, and mimic words which made his parents think he was a “silent genius.”

The doctors, however, clarified that Seargeoh is within the autism spectrum.

The Stallones admitted that the news hit them hard.

“We both broke down,” said Czack, as quoted by PEOPLE.

But they were both determined to give Seargeoh the best life they could give him.

They opted not to place him in an institution, which was then advised to them, and instead decided to raise him at home.

Even when they eventually separated, they both took care of Seargeoh as much as they can.

Challenges arose with Stallone’s working schedule.

The couple set up a research fund for autism known as the National Society for Children and Adults with Autism.

Czack managed the organization while Stallone made more movies to fund it.

The differences in their lives caught up with their marriage then they filed for divorce.

Despite his work schedule, Stallone tried his best to make it work.

He tried catching up on Seargeoh’s interests like drawing and puzzles.

He also shared that Seargeoh has an amazing memory but still finds it hard to apply what he has learned.

Seargeoh, through clinical intervention and his parents’ hands-on approach, hit several milestones like being able to eat by himself and regulating his responses in different environments.

In a 1985 article from PEOPLE, Czack said that Seargeoh lives like any other kid.

He has his own room and even goes to school through a special-education class in Pasadena.

Seargeoh’s life is mostly still a secret at this point.

The actor’s social media accounts now only show his three daughters with Jennifer Flavin — Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet.

Hopefully, as the world becomes more accepting, Seargeoh can join his family in showing their love for each other.

Learn more about Stallone and his family in the video below.

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