Couple performs magnificent duet of ‘Sound of Silence’ on instruments

April 26th, 2021

Are you familiar with the Brooklyn Duo?

They’re notorious for their incredible covers of popular songs and classics.

Simon and Garfunkel are no exception.

They’re so legendary that pianists and cellists cover their work to this day.

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YouTube/Brooklyn Duo Source: YouTube/Brooklyn Duo

The pianist starts things off with the soft tones of “The Sound of Silence.”

Within a matter of moments, the cellist enters with the melody.

You can almost hear Simon & Garfunkel singing the haunting lyrics in the background.

The pianist provides wonderful harmony to the cellist’s deep melodies.

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YouTube/Brooklyn Duo Source: YouTube/Brooklyn Duo

They play so well off of each other!

She plays with the flow of a river, the tones cascading out of her hand.

Conversely, he plays with intensity and controlled power. The sum of their styles is perfect for this piece.

Everyone and their mother know “The Sound of Silence.” So does the cellist.

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YouTube/Brooklyn Duo Source: YouTube/Brooklyn Duo

The deep, rich cello melodies are sublime.

Coupled with the piano, it’s divine!

They may go down in history as one of those classic duos… like Simon & Garfunkel.

The piano and cello continue to play off each other perfectly.

Just like Simon & Garfunkel.

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YouTube/Brooklyn Duo Source: YouTube/Brooklyn Duo

Speaking of which, Simon & Garfunkel is one of the greatest musical duos of all time.

Paul Simon’s masterful songwriting with Garfunkel’s smooth croon is hard to top.

“The Sound of Silence” is a classic.

Even though it was released over half a century ago, it’s still widely popular. It’s practically baked into American culture!

In fact, it was originally written without electric guitar and called “The Sounds of Silence.”

The “acoustic” version was released in 1964 before a subsequent remix in the studio gave birth to the electric version, released in 1965.

The rest is history.

Everyone’s heard it. You, your kids, even your grandparents.

Whether it was 7" singles or full albums, remember how good Simon & Garfunkel sounded on your turntable?

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Throughout the performance, the cello generally holds the melody while the piano plays the accompaniment.

These two are both masters of their instruments.

They might be the next best thing after Martha Argerich and Yo-Yo Ma.

So is our esteemed cellist.

He’s into the music like Van Morrison in 1979!

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YouTube/Brooklyn Duo Source: YouTube/Brooklyn Duo

Even without any words being sung, it’s easy to tell what lyrics would come next.

Usually, we get the splendor of Simon & Garfunkel’s savory harmony. But these two will definitely, definitely do.

That face says it all.

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YouTube/Brooklyn Duo Source: YouTube/Brooklyn Duo

The group eventually wind things down with a delicate elegance.

Wow, just wow.

Simon & Garfunkel would be proud. Maybe they’ve seen the video!

But who really is the Brooklyn Duo?

“Founded in 2014, Brooklyn Duo has quickly established itself as one of today’s most successful classical crossover ensembles. Through its creative arrangements and live video performances, the piano and cello duo has garnered a huge following, with over 500,000 YouTube subscribers, and over 150 million streams annually on platforms such as Spotify and Pandora Radio.”

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People should listen to more classical music… and Simon & Garfunkel!

The duo’s discography runs deep, with classic albums like Sounds of Silence, Bookends, and of course Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Are you a fan of the piano? What about the cello? They’re such beautiful instruments!

Before you go, make sure to watch the entirety of Brooklyn Duo’s cover of “The Sound of Silence.”

Speaking of which, what else should they cover?

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