Simon admits he’s wrong for calling girl ‘brave’ for singing a capella church hymn
He knew he'd made a mistake as soon as he heard the first note.
Jessica Adler

The X-Factor is much like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.

Judges definitely weren’t expecting Chloe Paige.

Chloe catapulted into the celebrity spotlight after appearing on the 12th season of The X-Factor UK with beautiful blond locks and her goofy, sassy personality.

Strutting onto the stage in an off-the-shoulder crop top and a waist-hugging mini-skirt, the striking market trader from Brighton, England, told judges she was “so excited” to be there.

During her pre-audition interview, she revealed a little bit about herself.

“I’m from a pretty musical family. My mom’s got a lot of brothers and sisters, and a lot of my mom’s sisters sing.”

“We are a family who supports each other. It was Chloe’s grandfather who inspired her; he had her singing when she was young, and he actually told her, “One day, we’ll go to X-Factor when you grow up,'” her mother shared.

Chloe stunned the judges.

She sang “Crying for No Reason”.

It’s a song by Katy B, and Chloe’s powerful vocal chops ultimately secured her a spot in the competition.

Judge Rita Ora told Chloe that she didn’t want her to stop singing.

Another told her, “I don’t know how somebody your age feigns something so deep like that; you literally sang from your soul. You are amazing.

Nobody knew that she was just getting started.

Twitter - @ChloePaigeSings
Twitter - @ChloePaigeSings

During the competition’s ‘Six Chair Challenge”, Chloe walked out onto the stage, telling the judges she would be singing “Amazing Grace” in a cappella.

Simon was immediately skeptical, telling the pretty blonde that she was a “brave girl”.

She put the emphasis on “Amazing”.

By the end of the breathtaking rendition though, she had proved that she was a vocal force to be reckoned with.

It’s hard to tell what the judges are thinking during the first verse; their faces remain straight as they take it all in. As Chloe begins the second verse though, the crowd starts to roar.

YouTube - The X Factor UK
YouTube - The X Factor UK

Line by line, her voice grows.

Chloe’s voice gets more powerful with every line she sings, her voice reflecting every part of her soul.

At one point, another competitor looks slightly worried by Rita Ora’s falling back into her seat, seemingly stunned by Chloe’s performance.

YouTube - The X Factor UK
YouTube - The X Factor UK

Simon had some backtracking to do.

After her performance, Simon told Chloe, “What you did there, was you did a performance that not only, I think, makes you deserve a seat, it deserves you possibly a place in the finals.”

Nick Grimshaw, another judge, spoke on behalf of the world, telling her, “To be honest, I don’t remember Chloe Paige— but after that performance, I will never forget you again.”

Later in the competition, Chloe was eliminated by Rita Ora in favor of Louisa Johnson, Monica Michael, and Laurent Murray, but this awe-inspiring performance remains the young singer’s true claim to fame.

YouTube - The X Factor UK
YouTube - The X Factor UK

Watch Chloe wow the judges in her beautiful performance below.

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