Sam's Club Karaoke Goes Viral

November 13th, 2017

Going food shopping can be a tedious task. But not when you have silly friends. Shopping can be as fun as karaoke night when you’re with your friends.

Not only did two friends from New York have a blast when they went shopping at an at Ulster Sam’s Club, but they also went viral.

Christina Kokonis-Viggers and Amanda Lasher were shopping at the wholesale store when they came across a karaoke machine. Once they discovered the device had a Bluetooth feature that allowed them to connect the machine to their cellphone, it was karaoke time.

Christina had no shame or regard for what the shoppers around her would think. She just grabbed the microphone and put on a stunning performance to “Maybe This Time” from the musical “Cabaret.”

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“There are people that were stopping by and they just stood there the whole time,” Christina told ABC 7.

The Sam’s Club shoppers were in complete awe of Christina’s stunning vocal talent, as well as her confidence and beautiful smile.

“Afterwards she got like this great applause. That was amazing,” Amanda recalls.

Amanda insisted on posting the video on social media and had a feeling it would good over big. Christina, however, was skeptical and also very wrong. The video ended up getting more than 12 million views on Facebook and 155,000 shares.

Since then Christina has been getting calls and offers from all over the place, including America’s Got Talent.

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Christina says she would love to follow her dream of becoming a full-time singer, but one of the best parts about her going viral is how many smiles she’s put on other people’s faces.

“I’m overwhelmed because there are so many women who are just messaging me left and right and saying, ‘We love you’ and ‘This is amazing.’ That’s really great to see there is this camaraderie between women,” she told Hudson Valley News Network.

She’s also gotten messages from people were are battling cancer and going through chemotherapy, as well as people who’ve lost their children who are thanking her for brightening their day.

“How do you respond to that, other than to say, ‘I’m so glad that I could least spread some sunshine your way,’” Christina said.

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Facebook Screenshot Source: Facebook Screenshot

Christina, who has no classical vocal training, is president at Upstate Productions musical theater where she works with students to put on shows.

She says what we got to witness on videos was a lot of hard work and practice.

You can follow Christina’s journey on her new Facebook page Diva in the Making here and watch her video below.

This epicness just went down in Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club you are welcome!#samsclub#putmeonsteve

Posted by Amanda Lasher on Friday, October 20, 2017

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Source: Amanda Lasher