Sam Black Proposes After He Gets 'No' From Judges

December 21st, 2018

When 27-year-old Sam Black was coaxed into auditioning for X Factor by his girlfriend, he took the chance. He figured that maybe this could be the big opportunity to give his family a better life because nothing is more important to him than his girlfriend and his baby. He gets emotional even talking about it!

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The judges let him through, although they weren’t sure that he quite had what it takes. However, he was so darn charming and sweet that they wanted to give him a shot.

When it was time to take the big stage in front of an entire audience, the judges were really rooting for him to blow them away.

Sam’s girlfriend Emma is sitting right there in the front row, waiting to see if his dreams are about to come true.

Little does she know what’s about to happen.

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As soon as Sam mentioned what song he was singing, Simon immediately freezes up. That’s not a great sign.

Now if you ask me, Sam has a very nice voice. But it seems like, between his song choice and how the judges were feeling on that day, something wasn’t clicking.

Simon stops him before he can even really get going. Poor song choice is one of Simon’s pet peeves, and clearly, this had hit a nerve in him.

The judges huddle together to discuss what to do. Clearly, they all really love him as a person, since he’s such a sweet and genuine guy… not to mention his looks!

So, they give him one more chance to really show off his voice.

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The crowd loves it, and everyone is rooting for him, but the judges have to end his X Factor journey right then and there. You can sense that this is one of the more painful early goodbyes for the judges, but they just didn’t think that he had the vocal range that would take him to the top.

However, Sam’s not about to let this answer bring him down. He’s such a positive guy with so much love to give.

So much love to give, in fact, that he brings up his girlfriend and mother of his son, Emma, up onto the stage to do something amazing, asking the judges if he could do one more thing since he’s never going to get the chance again.

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He asks the love of his life,

“Maybe I can get a yes from you?”

The smile beams across his face like a big old ray of sunshine. Nothing else in the world matters to him at this moment.

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He’s so excited by the yes that he DID get, that he ends up putting the ring on the wrong hand!

“That’ll do for now, Simon!”

He cheekily says as he and his fiancee walk off the stage, happier than ever.

Now that’s how you turn a bad situation into something wonderful!

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