Ryan O'Shaughnessy Sings Touching Love Song, "No Name"

November 15th, 2018

True love isn’t something to mess with. When you know, you know, and there’s no way around it.

Everyone expresses love in different ways. Some know no other way except to say it out loud, while others write it out in a long, thoughtful letter. Some people make big sweeping gestures while others find a perfect quiet moment to let their special someone know.

If you’re given the gift of music, then one of the most touching ways to let someone know that you love them is through a song.

That’s exactly what this young man on Britain’s Got Talent did.

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Ryan O’Shaughnessy is just 19 years old at the time of this audition. He’s a student of music and wants to write songs full time for the rest of his life. He’s about to get some hard-hitting criticism from three very influential judges, including Simon Cowell… no pressure!

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Not only is he putting his future career on the chopping block, but he’s also putting his heart on the line in a huge way.

Some of the most meaningful romances start with friendship, and Ryan has known his love interest for quite a few years, especially for someone his age. Over time, he’s falling for her hard, and he knew no other way to express his deepest feelings than by writing a song.

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When the judges pry him to reveal her name, he simply can’t bring himself to say the words. You can see him struggling to form the shape of her name in front of such a big audience. It seems like it would feel like a betrayal to him. Her identity is something he wants to protect and to keep near and dear to his heart.

When he starts to play his guitar and sing the song called “No Name,” the whole crowd is mesmerized. He sings with such heart and soul. Everyone can feel the love in the air.

If this song doesn’t win over the mystery girl, then nothing will. Even Simon says so!

Have you ever seen something so sweet? It’s so nice to see a young man being so vulnerable and in touch with his feelings. It’s also very brave to spill his feelings out like this on national television. Although, it’s quite the grand gesture, isn’t it?

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Can you imagine doing this in front of so many people? Or, have you ever been the recipient of a grand gesture like this?

To be a great musician you have to be more than simply technically good. You’ve got to have passion and soul. Ryan O’Shaughnessy certainly has both, and he’s since pursued a career as a songwriter.

What a great song this is, and what a wonderful reaction from the judges. You really couldn’t ask for anything better!

What do you think of his voice?

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[Source: Britain’s Got Talent]