Pierce Brosnan melts hearts with ‘romantic’ 60th birthday gift for his beloved wife
Pierce and Keely are truly one of the sweetest couples around.
Luis Gaskell

When the world knows you as James Bond, the pressure must be great when you need to prepare for an occasion.

Bond is, after all, known for his dashing demeanor and gentlemanly personality. Pierce Brosnan shows that he was cast as 007 for a reason.

Pierce Brosnan did something sweet and wholesome for his wife’s 60th birthday, proving that he’s just as gentlemanly as 007 himself.

The Hollywood star has been married to wife Keely Shaye Smith for 22 years. When her 60th year came around, Brosnan went out of his way to do something special for her.

The date is September 26, 2023. Brosnan is in Los Angeles, California, planning for wife Keely Shaye’s birthday.

She’s a journalist and environmentalist and has been with Brosnan since 2001.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Brosnan has a reputation as a heartthrob, and it’d be pretty unbecoming of a Hollywood heartthrob to skimp out on a romantic gesture.

Thankfully, Brosnan delivered on that front.

He presented Keely with a bouquet of 60 gorgeous red roses for her birthday, one rose for each year.

He proved that he was no slouch when it came to showing his love.

Keely and Brosnan have stuck it out together in the over 2 decades that they’ve been a couple.

Instagram - @piercebrosnanofficial
Instagram - @piercebrosnanofficial

From 1995 to 2000, Brosnan and Keely fought to stop the construction of a salt factory in Laguna San Ignacio, Mexico.

They did something similar in 2007 when they opposed and stopped the construction of a natural gas facility off the coast of Malibu. Keely lives to protect the Earth, and Brosnan has her back.

Who better to have by your side than the man who played James Bond?

And I don’t doubt for one moment that he remembers every year that each rose in that bouquet represents.

I’ve also got to ask what the florist thought when he ordered a bouquet of 60. Makes you wonder if those 60 roses were the entire stock.

“Sixty roses for my brown eyed girl on her 60th birthday. Forever happy and blessed was I to be sitting there when you walked around the corner early one morning in Cabo San Lucas ” – he wrote on his Instagram

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Brosnan was married before to his late wife Cassandra Harris, who died of ovarian cancer in 1991.

The last moments they spent together made Brosnan rethink life, and it was the most difficult thing he ever had to deal with. It wasn’t until a decade later that he’d be comfortable dating again.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

He also lost his adopted daughter to the same disease in 2013. You’ve got to commend the emotional strength he must have to lose two loved ones to the same disease.

With Keely, Brosnan has two other children named Dylan and Paris. He also has four grandchildren, all of whom get to tell their friends that their grandad was James Bond.

The 70-year-old actor has had his love tested, and he’s become better at loving thanks to it.

And more importantly, their grandad has no shortage of love to give. From how he mourned his first wife, to the gesture of love he made for his current one, Brosnan proves that being a good husband is more important than being a heartthrob.

Watch the video below to learn more about Brosnan and Keely!

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