Miley Cyrus And Jimmy Fallon Perform “Party In The USA” In Disguise

May 31st, 2018

Have you ever been on a subway platform?

They are always crowded, stinky, and the temperature is always not quite right. It can be cold outside, but sticky hot inside the subway and vice versa.

Typically, commuters are the only ones who travel on the subway daily. If you’re a commuter, you tend to block out those around you.

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It is typical to see buskers on subway platforms, in stations, and even riding around on the stage. Most people do not stop to listen to or watch buskers, but some are worth pausing for.

New Yorkers were in for a treat last year when The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon brought his guest Miley Cyrus down onto a subway platform to perform.

The only thing was, they didn’t advertise that Miley would be performing down there! In fact, Miley and Jimmy both donned disguises so they could hide in plain sight on the subway platform.

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Some commuters walked right by them as they began to perform one of Miley’s biggest hits – “Party in the USA” off of her EP album, The Time of Our Lives.

Jimmy’s wig disguise actually really resembled Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus. At least Miley’s disguise was a little better a hiding who she was.

But it was pretty hard to hide that voice!

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A crowd began to form pretty fast around Jimmy and Miley. The crowd might not have had to do with the fact that people knew who they were, but people might have been interested in why a camera crew was there.

During the performance, Miley and Jimmy decided to reveal that they weren’t actually subway buskers but famous celebrities. The crowd totally lost it when they pulled off their disguises.

The Tonight Show reshared the video on Facebook today and it has gotten 37 million views (since it was first posted), 23,000 likes, over 2,000 shares, and nearly 1,000 comments.

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One Facebook user joked about being late to work because of this:

my thing is how do you explain to your boss that you’re late because there was a miley cyrus and jimmy fallon concert in the subway????

While another user felt that this was what life should be about:

This should be what life is all about. Everyone coming together and celebrating life. There are no sides and everyone is one.

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One commenter called them out on the fact that they weren’t really that disguised:

How much of a disguise do they really think they’re putting on with a full sound system and professional videographers?

One woman that hates crowds really wished she’d been able to see this:

I so hate crowds, but would have LOVED to have seen this Live. Very cool Jimmy and Miley! What joy you brought these people! Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents!

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What did you think of this subway performance? Would you have stopped at first when you heard them singing?

If I was in a rush, I don’t know if I would have stopped but I’d have regretted it when I realized who it was singing!

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Source: YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon