Matteo Bocelli sings from the heart in first official live solo performance
This is everything we hoped it would be. No wonder Andrea is so proud to introduce him. All of his children are oozing with talent.
Kate Miano

The Italian opera, classical, and pop singer Andrea Bocelli has been beloved for many years because of his beautiful voice. But did you know that he has children?

Andrea Bocelli’s children are incredibly talented.

Fortunately, Andrea Bocelli is proud of his children and wants to boast about their skills, just like any other parent.

Because of this, Bocelli surprised a crowd at his Hollywood Bowl show this past October with a performance by his son Matteo.

Andrea Bocelli makes it clear that his son has worked hard.

YouTube - We.Are.Erica
YouTube - We.Are.Erica

Before opening the stage to his son, Bocelli gives a short introductory speech about the performance the crowd is about to see.

He is clearly very proud of his son, but he also points out his son’s hard work.

It started when he was young.

YouTube - We.Are.Erica
YouTube - We.Are.Erica

As the story goes, Bocelli’s son, Matteo, sat him down one day and told his father that he wanted to be a singer.

He then sang a bit for his father, who was impressed, but who wanted to make sure that his son gets the proper training.

While he was probably born pretty talented, Bocelli’s son is now studying at a music conservatory in order to improve his singing skills and receive classical training.

After that speech, Andrea invited his son to the stage, to sing an original song.

The story of the “Solo”

Turns out, Matteo is not only a singer but a songwriter as well. At this performance at the Hollywood Bowl, he performs his song called “Solo”, which means alone in Italian.

The song lyrics are in English though, and Matteo sings in English.

His training comes through.

Once the song begins, it’s obvious that Matteo learned a lot from his father and his studies.

He has a beautiful baritone singing voice that has a slightly husky quality to it. He hits every note perfectly and it all sounds so good. You truly have to see it for yourself.

YouTube - We.Are.Erica
YouTube - We.Are.Erica

Backed by a full orchestra, this song is both moving and beautiful.

Matteo Bocelli is seriously talented.

YouTube - We.Are.Erica
YouTube - We.Are.Erica

I’m not an expert but color me impressed.

Not only is Matteo able to hit a wide range of notes, especially super high notes, he’s also able to control his voice and breath extremely well and create some incredible effects.

At one point, he makes his voice waver in a way that reminds me of a string instrument.

He has creative song lyrics too.

The song “Solo” is about missing someone when you are on your own. Bocelli packs the song with intimate details and descriptive lyrics, which help to make the emotions of this song hit.

One such lyric finds him imagining a scene with the lover he misses:

“Lock the door, climb the stairs/ find you asleep in your favorite chair/ you’d be surprised that I/ made it so soon”

His surprise performance wows the crowd.

YouTube - We.Are.Erica
YouTube - We.Are.Erica

Throughout the performance, you can hear various people whooping and cheering for him in the crowd.

When he’s done, the audience erupts into applause and Matteo Bocelli seems pleased to have garnered that appreciation.

Matteo seems poised to follow in his father’s footsteps of greatness.

But he’s not the only one.

Andrea Bocelli has three children total, and they are all highly talented. The same night that Matteo performed his song, Andrea’s daughter also took to the stage separately. She is much younger but also has a beautiful voice.

If these young singers are any indication, we will probably be seeing more from the Bocelli family for a long time to come.

See Matteo’s powerful solo in the video below!

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By Kate Miano
Kate Miano is a contributor at SBLY Media.