Marching Band Pulls A Fast One On Judges During Parade

November 11th, 2018

Now that Halloween has come and gone in the blink of an eye, you would think that Thanksgiving would be on everyone’s mind. But, as it does every year, Christmas is already infiltrating the holiday radar. Heck, even on Thanksgiving morning itself, we’re already skipping ahead with the Christmas floats in the parade before the turkey is even carved or the potatoes are mashed.

But is it really a problem? It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year!

Even if you don’t celebrate this specific holiday, the feeling of joy in the air is palpable. Between the jolly tunes, the parades, the cozy warm drinks, and wintery feeling, there’s just something about it.

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It’s always fun to go to a parade and to see all of the floats. Whether you go to the big Macy’s Parade in New York or your hometown puts on a parade with local businesses and schools making floats, it’s always a hoot and a holler to watch.

My favorite part of the parade is always the marching band, or marching bands if there are more than one!

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They put so much time and effort into not only getting the music just right, but marching in unison to put on an awesome show for the rest of us. It may seem simple, but it takes quite the skill and endurance to keep right in time with the whole group for the entirety of the parade route.

Any tune is made a little bit more fun when played by a marching band. I don’t know if it’s the silly costumes, the satisfaction of seeing so many musicians in neat and tidy rows, the loud, in your face sound that only brass and woodwinds can create, or the energy from the drum section, but it’s so much fun!

During this one Christmas parade, the Antelope Titans Marching Band decided to make it even more whimsical with a little surprise in the middle of one of their songs.

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As they march along in their red costumes, the onlookers had no idea that they were about to get a big laugh. Not only is this band spreading the cheer, but they’re also dishing out the comedy!

It’s always so great to see when a director is able to have a sense of humor with the performances. Especially for student groups! When the director has fun, then the kids have fun, and they’re more likely to stick around and continue with a musical education. The arts in schools are so important, as they offer creative outlets for students, encouraging students to tap into their full potential, learn the meaning of dedication, and occupy their time with something that gets the brain working instead of watching endless hours of TV or scrolling through social media.

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The clip may be short, but it totally made my day! I love a good mashup, and this band flawlessly executed this little prank. It got me excited for the holidays, and it put a big old smile on my face.

What’s your favorite part of this season? Is it the parades? The marching bands? The music in general? Maybe you like to snuggle up in your coziest sweater by the crackling fire with the ones you love most?

Whatever makes you happy, this little video clip is sure to boost your mood!

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