Luke Bryan slams on brakes to rescue single mom and young kids stranded on dangerous road
When Cortney Potts was stranded on a dangerous road, the last thing she expected was that a famous country music star would come to her rescue.
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All of us have wished, at some point in our lives, to come face-to-face with a celebrity.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why we go to concerts or crash filming sites. Some of us even imagined having a candid moment with them like seeing them at a park, on a plane, or in a restaurant.

A mom, however, had a celebrity encounter that she wouldn’t forget. And it didn’t involve any meet-cute scenario. It’s something a little bit embarrassing but it made her see the celebrity in a new light.

The single mom blew out a tire when she was driving in Tennessee.

She was on her way to her parent’s house when the rubber gave out. Fortunately, she didn’t lose control of the car and was able to park it safely.

Courtney Potts, a mom of two, found herself stranded. She was scared to drive on and as she didn’t want anything worse happening to her wheel, she decided to wait for help.

TikTok Screenshot - @courtneypotts
TikTok Screenshot - @courtneypotts

Luckily, someone witnessed what happened to her car. Shortly after pulling over, a pickup truck also parked on the side of the road.

A man got off the truck and ran towards Potts.

“He was like ‘hey I almost hit you! This is a really bad road, we’ve got to get out of this curve,”‘ Potts said. “I knew his voice, and I was like, ‘okay this is happening!’”

TikTok Screenshot - @courtneypotts
TikTok Screenshot - @courtneypotts

And she was right. The man from the pickup truck was a celebrity. It was no other than Entertainer of the Year, Luke Bryan.

Potts tried to play it cool.

She shared with local news outlet WKRN that she didn’t want the singer to feel awkward. She also said that she’s not the kind of person that goes wild whenever they see a celebrity.

TikTok Screenshot - @courtneypotts
TikTok Screenshot - @courtneypotts

Bryan was on his way to go hunting with his kids when he stumbled upon Potts.

The country star then went down on a knee and cranked up the car’s wheel.

TikTok Screenshot - @courtneypotts
TikTok Screenshot - @courtneypotts

At one point, Potts’ tool gave out. Bryan was generous enough to use his own tools, however, as he tried fixing the woman’s car. It was during this moment that Potts finally pulled out her phone to immortalize the moment no matter how seemingly embarrassing she thought it was.

Potts was impressed by Bryan’s character.

She said that Bryan “looked like anybody else that would have pulled over” and that he didn’t act like a celebrity. At that moment, he was just a concerned driver helping out a fellow driver.

After thirty minutes or so, Potts’ car was back in driving condition.

Potts then took this moment to take a picture with Bryan and to offer that he could crash her party anytime.

Potts was immensely grateful, especially when Bryan is not obligated to help her. She then posted the clip on her social media accounts where it garnered thousands of likes and over a million views.

“There’s people that I haven’t talked to in years that have shared it,” she said to the news outlet. “For that to go viral, I was just blown away, and it’s one of those things where you go, ‘what just happened?’”

Click the video below to see Courtney’s celebrity encounter for yourself!

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