Little girl dances to Beauty and the Beast with her dog

November 11th, 2019

Disney movies have been single-handedly shaping children’s perception of the world for decades. It’s a bit different today with YouTube, the internet, and all the new animation companies that have jumped into children’s entertainment.

That being said, Disney’s emphasis on teaching virtue and good values has still won over lots of parents who encourage their children to watch Disney films over everything else. Picking Disney surprisingly paid off for one family.

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Kaylee Slobotski Source: Kaylee Slobotski

Meet Emily

Emily, a 3-year-old girl, recently went viral on the internet after her mother, Kaylee Slobotski, shared a video of the child dancing to Beauty and the Beast.

According to an interview with The Dodo, Kaylee revealed that Emily’s absolute favorite film is Beauty and the Beast, so much so that Emily may have watched it more than 100 times.

As if that wasn’t enough, Emily also has a costume so she can dress up as Belle, the female lead character in Beauty and the Beast.

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Kaylee Slobotski via Facebook Source: Kaylee Slobotski via Facebook

Meet Rudy

Emily isn’t alone in her love of the movie, though. There is a family dog, Rudy, in their home in Omaha, Nebraska. Ever since she was born, they’ve been the best of friends.

Naturally, when Emily picked out a costume for herself, it made sense to get one for Rudy. Rudy dresses as another lead character, the beast. He even has a fake mane to really sell the look. We think it works perfectly.

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Kaylee Slobotski via Facebook Source: Kaylee Slobotski via Facebook

Bringing a movie moment to life

On the day the video was taken, Emily insisted on wearing her special dress when watching her favorite film. It was also important to her that Rudy was dressed up too.

When her favorite scene came on, Emily grabbed Rudy by his paws and started dancing to the music. In the video, you get the impression that this wasn’t the first time that Rudy had been put through this. He seemed indifferent to the whole situation, just going along with it.

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Kaylee Slobotski via Facebook Source: Kaylee Slobotski via Facebook

The cutest moment captured

Now, Emily didn’t appear to know the words to the music, but you can hear her hum her heart out in the video her mom captured as she swayed along with the song.

At one point, Emily, deep in character, even tried to rest her head on Rudy’s shoulder. It’s hilarious. Good-natured Rudy played along for a while before he decided it was time to stop dancing and walked away without notice. As if on cue, the music in the film stopped, and the character dialogue resumed. Maybe the girl’s friend just knew it was time to exit stage left.

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Kaylee Slobotski via Facebook Source: Kaylee Slobotski via Facebook

Going viral

The response to the short clip Kaylee shared was overwhelming. The video has more than 17 million views, more than 177K comments, and more than 402K shares on Facebook.

The clip even got picked by Time’s viral section. While we’re sure Emily won’t understand the concept of going viral or even understand how much of a star she is just quite yet, her parents have been swamped with requests for interviews.

Who knows, maybe Emily does have a real future in professional dancing. Let’s also not forget to give credit to Rudy for being such a good sport. Without him, it just wouldn’t be the same.

If you need to see it for yourself, here’s the video:

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