11-Year-Old Does The Most Hilarious Animal Impressions

June 12th, 2018

There are a lot of talented kids in the world, and Lilly Walker is one of them. While many children are great singers, dancers, or artists, Lilly has a different talent. When she recently appeared on “America’s Got Talent,” she made the audience and the judges laugh with her act.

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Lilly happens to be skilled at making animal noises.

She can mimic almost any animal, and she is really good at it. It’s not your usual talent, but her adorable looks and personality made her an instant sensation.

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She says she can do 20 to 30 different animal sounds, and she gave everyone a sample of her talent on the show.

She was a little shy at first. She started off by giggling and covering her face with her hands. Her nerves seemed to be getting the best of her, but then she pulled it together and started.

She started by making a dolphin sound. As she mimicked the animal, a picture of a dolphin popped up on the screen behind her. Next, a turkey popped up on screen and she gobbled and laughed. Next was a horse. After the first three animals, Howie Mandell complimented her on her talent.

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Lilly giggles her way through some more animal sounds, and each one seems to make the audience laugh a little more.

Everyone seems to be loving her talent. As she is near the end of her act, she tells Simon:

“This is for you.”

She begins barking like a dog, and Simon can be seen smiling while he looks on. The judges were so impressed that they gave her four yesses. It was a unique act but an entertaining one, and there is no denying that Lilly has a pretty neat talent.

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Lilly has also appeared on “Little Big Shots” with the same act.

There, she was shown pictures of animals and would make the sound while the host, Steve Harvey, had to guess which animal it was. She is so good at making the sounds that it wasn’t hard for him to guess them correctly.

She wasn’t the only star of that show, though.

It also featured a little girl named Ansleigh, who is only 4 years old and loves to cut hair. She started with her own bangs when she was only 3. Her mom had left her home with her dad for the weekend, and she snuck some scissors and chopped them off. Her dad posted a video on YouTube about it.

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He also said:

“When I noticed that she had no more bangs, my first thought was, ‘Oh crap, my wife is going to kill me!’ And my second thought was, ‘On the bright side, she will never leave me alone for the weekend with the kids again.’”

Another start was a blind singer who brought his family and the entire audience to tears.

Seven-year-old Gavin Stevens has a condition that has left his blind since birth. He has an amazing voice, and he loves to sing. He performed the National Anthem, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Later, he told Harvey that he loved him, and Harvey said he loved Gavin, too. This also made everyone tear up. Little Gavin is an amazing little boy with a lot of talent. He hasn’t let his blindness stop him from following his dreams.

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All of these kids have different talents, and they have also overcome different challenges.

Still, they managed to have the courage to perform on stage in front of huge audiences. Some of them made us laugh, and others made us cry, but they all moved us in a special way.

If these kids are this talented at such a young age, what will they be like in 10 years? If they keep working hard and have the same confidence, they will do great things and entertain a lot of other people on their way to reaching their goals.

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Source: Faith Tap, America’s Got Talent