It doesn’t take long for 12-yr-old to draw a crowd moment he starts to play

February 13th, 2020

Most twelve years olds are still learning how to play an instrument, but Harrison Crane has already mastered the piano to a level of perfection that most adults haven’t even gotten to. He has also mastered the art of drawing a crowd – a talent he decided to share with the world in a recent video on his YouTube channel.

It appears that his crowd gathering abilities also reach beyond the airports and shopping malls he plays in. This latest video of his already has well over a million views as well as nearly two thousand comments on YouTube alone.

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Harrison Piano via YouTube Source: Harrison Piano via YouTube

A musical marvel

When Harrison sat down to the piano with shoppers passing by, he decided to begin with the 1996 dance track, Children, by Robert Miles. By the time he was only a little way into it, his lively and skillful playing was already causing a few shoppers to pause and listen as they watched the small musician expertly play the piano.

It was also catching the ear of quite a few YouTube viewers as well. Lots of praise was offered, as well as a few lighthearted jokes.

Surge left a comment:

“I made the excuse that I was bad at playing the piano because I have small hands. After seeing this, I realize that maybe I am just bad at piano.”

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Harrison Piano via YouTube Source: Harrison Piano via YouTube

Quite the compilation

His playing quickly slid into an effortless and energetic rendition of the 1998 song Blue (Da Ba Dee), by Eiffel 65. That’s when people really began to take notice of the music.

Not wanting to stop there, the young pianist transitioned into Sandstorm, a song originally played by Finnish DJ Darude in 1999. But he wasn’t even done there. His playing became even more confident as he dove into the music of White Stripes’ Seven Day Army song from 2003.

Finally, he brought it all home by going back into Robert Miles’ song, Children, one last time.

Once his playing was over, the audience broke out into applause for the young musical artist. He accepted it gracefully and then wandered back to his parents in the crowd.

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Harrison Piano via YouTube Source: Harrison Piano via YouTube

People on YouTube were stunned as well. The comments were full of encouragement and admiration.

Harold Foor said:

“Kudo’s Kid you are very talented and more so to the audience, you entertained as they have shown they are citizens of humanity worth praising.”

And Rocky Horjus also commented:

“This is just ridiculously good! He has to make a career in music”

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Harrison Piano via YouTube Source: Harrison Piano via YouTube

A repeat performer

This isn’t the first time that Harrison has been spotted bringing live impromptu music to a public location. He’s getting to be pretty well known in his part of the world.

The twelve-year-old has played at that same shopping center quite a few times. It’s possible that a few of the regular shoppers in the crowd that day may have even heard him before. He has been playing there for roughly two years and keeps coming back to the appreciation of shoppers.

As for his other performances shared on YouTube, there are a few you can listen to if you just have to hear more from this still-small musical wonder. You can find them on his YouTube channel.

But before you stop there, make sure to check out his latest performance in the video below:

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