Ladyva proves she’s got Boogie Woogie in her blood with impromptu performance
Ladyva is no stranger to the piano. But it wasn't until another Boogie Woogie rockstar took a seat beside her that things got real funky.
D.G. Sciortino

When musician Ladyva passed by a piano while walking through King’s Cross station on her way to Switzerland, she just had to stop and play.

Ladyva started playing piano at 14.

And she played it with an affinity for Boogie Woogie.

She started performing with her brother Pascal Silva on TV shows and festivals and has appeared on many popular TV shows in the Dominican Republic.

She released her first album in 2009 and performed at the Blue Festival Basel a year later.

Ladyva signed with Universal Music.

She went on to win awards, has played all over the world, and has more than 50 million views on YouTube.

Brendan Kavanagh stopped Ladyva while she was coming through the train station.

He plays Boogie Woogie.

He also has a YouTube channel of people playing piano on the station. He has a website where he sells books and courses to teach people Boogie Woogie.

Needless to say, he’s all about Boogie Woogie, too.

When Ladyva started to play the piano she quickly drew a crowd. She even drew some dancers who couldn’t resist that Boogie Woogie beat.

Eventually, Brendan couldn’t resist either.

Brendan Kavanagh - YouTube
Brendan Kavanagh - YouTube

He crept up beside Ladyva and started playing the piano alongside her.

That’s when it got real funky.

Their duet was incredibly impressive. The two of them played together for over 5 minutes. They had the whole station rocking out!

Brendan Kavanagh - YouTube
Brendan Kavanagh - YouTube

And Brendan got a few interview questions in asking Ladyva what she thought about being one of the few female Boogie Woogie players.

He asked her if he thought she got more attention because of it.

Attention isn’t something she thinks about.

She just loves to play, she told Brendan.


Brendan Kavanagh - YouTube
Brendan Kavanagh - YouTube

And the video of them playing together ended up being viewed more than 10 million times on Brendan’s YouTube page.

“Yes folks, REAL rock and roll is the most joyful sound on God’s green earth..So God bless this young lady for carrying on the tradition. She sure knows how to boogie!”

Another wrote:

“I’ve never seen two people love each other’s talent so instantly. Thoroughly enjoyed it and so did they. Thanks, Brendon and the beautiful long-haired woman, Ladiva of Switzerland!” wrote one commenter.

Brendan Kavanagh - YouTube
Brendan Kavanagh - YouTube

Many commented on how impressed they were by how fast Ladyva’s fingers fly across the keyboard, noting that it must have taken a lot of practice to get to that point.

“This woman was on a mission that day, and she conquered! Amazing skill and great synchronicity. I love it when people have their counts down perfectly, and these two did an awesome job even while improvising! My ears and soul are happy,” said another.

Brendan Kavanagh - YouTube
Brendan Kavanagh - YouTube

Other people seemed to be focused on someone other than Ladyva and Brendan.

“The man dancing in the background may look kind of silly but he’s happy and really enjoying the moment and doesn’t care what anyone thinks…GOOD FOR HIM!!!!!” said a commenter.

Check out the video for yourself below!

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By D.G. Sciortino
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