Grandma Gets Handsy With Justin Timberlake During Meet & Greet

May 15th, 2018

Having a celebrity crush is always entertaining.

If everyone knows about your celeb crush, then you’ll get teased about it (hopefully, in a good nature) by your friends and family. They’ll call your crush your “wife” or “husband.”

But you always have things to look forward to when it comes to your favorite celebrity. They have a new movie out? You can watch every interview they do on their press tour, then you get to enjoy the movie.

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If the celebrity is a musician, you get to listen to their album 24/7 before you go see them on tour. Plus, they also go on press tours and conduct interviews before/after they release new music.

No matter your age, it is always okay to have a celebrity crush. Just look at this adorable grandma!

Bette Maloney, A.K.A. Nammie, is a sweet 88-year-old grandmother that loves Justin Timberlake. Can you blame her, JT has been stealing hearts since the late 1990s.

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Even though Nammie loves JT, she actually didn’t become a fan of him when he was in ‘NSYNC or when he went solo. It wasn’t until she saw him on Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show that her celebrity crush began to develop.

It is probably safe to assume that Nammie is also a fan of Justin’s celebrity BFF, Jimmy Fallon then!

On Easter, Nammie’s granddaughter’s Sarah and Elizabeth surprised her with something amazing. They got her tickets to see JT on his Man of the Woods Tour.

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The family previously saw Justin on his 20/20 Tour, but their seats were very high up. The granddaughters said that Nammie was very excited to be sitting much closer to the stage this time around.

Nammie has all of Justin’s CDs and she spends hours on her iPad watching videos of him. The video of Nammie getting her surprise tickets was posted on Instagram and instantly went viral. People around the globe loved seeing Nammie’s excitement.

But Nammie got a lot more than just a concert when she traveled to Orlando’s Amway Center on May 14th. She got to meet Justin!

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The superstar singer invited the grandmother and her grandchildren backstage before his Florida show. Nammie even got up out of her wheelchair to try and put the moves on JT.

She asked him:

“Do you think Jessica would mind if I gave you a kiss?”

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After their sweet interaction, Justin went on to perform a 28-song set, which included his biggest hits, like “Sexy Back” and “Suit & Tie.” During the show, Justin gave Nammie a sweet shoutout.

Justin said:

“I want to give a special shout-out. There is a pretty little lady that ended up on the news here by the name of Nammie. She is 88 and I met her earlier tonight. Where is she? Wherever you are in the audience tonight, thank you. I love you!”

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Now, that is how you treat your fans! Great job Justin making Nammie and her granddaughter’s Mother’s Day/year.

Nammie’s granddaughter Sarah Watson wrote on Instagram:

Thank you @justintimberlake for being so sweet and kind to our dear Nammie. You have set the bar impossibly high to ever top this Mother’s Day … BEST NIGHT EVER

How cute do you think this video is? I’m so happy that Nammie not only got to go to the concert but that she also got to meet Justin beforehand.

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