Idaho potato worker and a governer go viral with Fleetwood Mac rendition

October 21st, 2020

If you’ve been on the internet at any point in the last two-ish weeks, chances are pretty good you’ve seen a great video of a man longboarding down the street with some cranberry juice in hand and Fleetwood Mac in ear!

That man is Doggface208, aka Nathan Apodaca!

He’s become a bit of a living legend recently.

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Apodaca has been making some videos on Tik Tok and the like for some time now, and he has plenty of videos on his Tik Tok page!

But none of his videos have been quite so successful as this one!

“It’s a time in the world right now where everybody needs a break from everything that’s going on. This video took them to a place where they could watch something and just chill and vibe out.” -Nathan Apodaca

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Facebook Source: Facebook

Apodaca is a father of two and he works at a potato processing plant in Idaho Falls, Idaho! He’s living a life all about the good vibes and happiness.

One morning on the way to work, Apodaca’s truck broke down!

But he wasn’t about to just not go to his job! No, instead he grabbed his longboard out of the back and some juice.

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Facebook Source: Facebook

“Sometimes my car just shuts off if I turn or hit the gas a certain way and then it won’t start unless I get a jump […] [the morning I filmed the video], it went out and I was like, I’m not going to sit here and wait to flag somebody down. So I grabbed my board—I always have it with me in the car just in case—and my juice and I started heading to work.” -Nathan Apodaca

What came next as Apodaca was cruising down the highway was his one-take Tik Tok!

By the end of the work day, the video had hit over one million views! It was garnering attention extremely quickly!

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Facebook Source: Facebook

As you can see in the image above, Apodaca even got some sweet swag from Ocean Spray, (including a new truck!) the company that produces the juice Apodaca loves so much!

Apodaca got quite a bit more attention than that though!

Celebrities, politicians and thousands of randoms across the internet have recreated his famous Tik Tok, sometimes with small twists of their own!

Not the least of which was Mick Fleetwood himself!

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Mick Fleetwood Source: Mick Fleetwood

That’s right, Mick Fleetwood even recreated the video, mouthing all the same lyrics from Dreams as Apodaca! It must be such a surreal feeling for Apodaca to see the impact such a small but fun video has had on society!

“When Mick did it, that was insane. My mom was like, ‘Do you know who he is? Do you realize what just happened?'” -Nathan Apodaca

And it wasn’t even just Mick that enjoyed the video, even Fleetwood Mac’s Twitter reposted Apodaca’s video!

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Twitter Source: Twitter

Apodaca’s video is actually responsible for Fleetwood Mac’s highest numbers for streaming ever as well as their sudden shot to the top of iTunes!

Over 8 million people were streaming Dreams in the week leading up to October 1st!

The video even got it’s own commercial for Tik Tok!

It featured Apodaca’s original iteration, followed by all of the people who were recreating his video!

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Facebook Source: Facebook

This short video seriously changed Apodaca’s life! He has been receiving random gifts of money from fans, he got a new truck as part of his package from Ocean Spray, and there is even talk of him doing a collaboration with hip hop super star Travis Scott!

Apodaca even has a Halloween costume of himself on his site now!

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Doggface208 Merch Source: Doggface208 Merch

All of these changes from a short video that Apodaca wasn’t even going to post initially!

“I was getting ready to post but then I didn’t think I was going fast enough. [I thought] everybody was going to laugh at me and be like, ‘Oh look, he’s scared to go fast.’ But then I liked the way it looked. It was smooth. So I was like, I might as well just post it and see what happens in an hour or two.”

Well Nathan, it seems you made the right choice posting that video! What do you think, dear reader? Are you considering picking up a Doggface208 costume for this Halloween? Apodaca’s story really goes to show just how quickly your whole life can change!

You can watch the original video down below, and if you haven’t yet then I really recommend you get out from under that rock!

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