Skaters heat up the ice with Michael Jackson routine that has crowd going wild
Their moves are insane.
Megan Bennett

The late, great Michael Jackson revolutionized the music industry and though he passed away in 2009, he is still as popular as ever with people from all walks of life.

Figure skaters Morgan Cipres and Vanessa James decided to immortalize him through a beautiful tribute performance.

Youtube - SPHiNX
Youtube - SPHiNX

Skating to the songs ‘Beat It’ and ‘Black or White’, Cipres and James embody the fun attitude that Michael Jackson fans love.

The costumes the duo wore were also reminiscent of the King of Pop, James wearing black leather pants and a gold sequined top, while Cipres dressed to impress in a shiny black jacket and white glove.

Starting with ‘Beat It’ the pair snapped their way into the performance and continued snapping to the rhythm all throughout.

Youtube - SHPiNX
Youtube - SHPiNX

Many classic Michael Jackson dance moves punctuated the display, including the most famous moon walk that Jackson himself came up with, the skaters went all out to bring on the feel of a real concert.

They also showed off a few gravity-defying moves to really get the crowd pumped.

When the songs switched so did Cipres’s outfit, the crowd gave out an extra loud cheer when he tore off his glove and jacket, ready to get down to business.

Youtube - SPHiNX
Youtube - SPHiNX

Cipres and James were the perfect pair to perform another of Michael Jackson’s most famous songs, ‘Black or White’.

They appeared to be having so much fun as they once again nailed their moves.

One person commented:

“Omg that was amazing and terrifying at the same time!!! Outstanding performance!!!”

The 2019 European World Champions are still going strong.

Both Morgan Cipres and Vanessa James are world-class figure skaters with many accolades under their respective belts, including multiple Olympic visits.

The two have been skating together for years and are totally in sync while they perform. And with some of the more daring moves they execute together, you know the trust they share must be implicit.

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This particular performance was from the 2019 All That Skate Ice Show.

The show was choreographed by David Wilson and Sandra Bezic and included many fantastic skaters skating to all different types of music; from classical music pieces, to rock, to showtunes, and Cipres and James’s Michael Jackson medley.

The pair were all smiles and attitude as they worked their way around the entirety of the rink.

Youtube - SPHiNX
Youtube - SPHiNX

The fun they had could be felt by the crowd attending the live show, and still radiates off the screen 3 years later.

Michael Jackson, even after his untimely death, is still one of the most popular musical artists of all time.

He transcends age, race, and religion by bringing people from all walks of life together to enjoy his voice, his moves, and his persona.

It is clear while watching the performance that both Cipres and James were fans, and they put their all into honoring the legend in the best way they know how.

Check out their amazing and heartfelt performance in the video below!

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